My Interviews


Being an author, poet and blogger, I have been interviewed in quite a many platforms. I believe that interviews help us to look within and introspect better. Therefore, you can know me much better through my interviews. Hope you enjoy reading them :)

Interviewed by blogger, Vishal Bheeroo (April,2016):

Interviewed by Best of Guru (Women's Day, 2016):

Interviewed by author and blogger, Preethi Venugopala (January, 2016):

Interviewed by Poets United (August, 2015)

Interviewed by Writer Story (August, 2015) 

Interviewed by Nikita Ranga, a writer and blogger (June, 2015)

Interviewed by Morsels & Juices 

Interviewed by Writer's Ezine (September,2014 Issue):

Interviewed by The Word Bite

Interviewed by Ahona Das, an editor and book reviewer

Interviewed by Kritika Narula, a book reviewer: 

Interviewed by eArticulate 

Interviewed by Indian Fusion: 

Hope you enjoyed reading them. Do let me know if you have any questions and I would be glad to answer. 


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