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If you love my blog posts, perhaps you will like my books too.
I am the author of three books. Check out some of the reviews.

1. The Hidden Letters... (2014) published by Bluejay Books (imprint of Srishti Publishers)

She is a successful author, a loving wife and the world's best mom. Her doctor husband dotes on her, her teenage daughter idolizes her and her readers yearn for her writing. Shouldn't all that respect and love make her happy? Yet, she is devoid of inner peace. In the wee hours of the night, her slumber is disturbed by horrifying nightmares. All her harmony is abducted and lost amidst the bunch of hidden letters kept in her cupboard. Those letters were written long back by her cousin,presently a patient at a mental asylum in Kolkata. Haunted by her inner demons and tired by the long-time secrecy, she decides to put end to her misery by surrendering to her husband and daughter, The Hidden Letters. . . Will she lose her husbands love and daughters respect? Can she forgive herself for her own selfishness which rendered her cousin's fate malignant?

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2. Walking in the streets of love and destiny (2012) (Published by Diamond Books)


For a girl, who is more important?
The guy who taught her to love or the guy who taught her to dream?
The guy who considers her his life or the guy who gave her a new life?
The person with whom she has spent almost two decades of her life or the person who understands her more than anyone else within a short span of less than a year?
Life-partner or soul-mate?
In today’s modern world, Prachi is too lucky to get love in the two purest forms- Arvind, her childhood sweetheart and Sahil, her magician. Both loved her beyond boundaries and sacrificed their every happiness just to see her smiling but should love be always in limits? Does Prachi’s life really become both beautiful and ugly when destiny brings two jewels in her life?
Yes, love in excess is indeed a curse! 
This is a story of Arvind, Prachi and Sahil and how love and destiny shuffles their paths…do they meet in the streets of love and destiny or their paths get separated forever?

  My short stories and poems have also been published in some beautiful anthologies namely Twilight for "Fusion~A mingled flavour mocktail" and The gift of spring for "Stories for your Valentine". 


  1. Just completed your book 'In the walikng streets of love and destiny' truely outstanding work,story improvishes in such a way that it's feels like seeing'prachi the protagonist' life in reality and feeling the pain,joy ,excitement happening with her and this book touches nerve of young hearts.waiting to read your further work

  2. Thank you so much Mayank. I'm so glad that you liked my debut book. I hope you also read and enjoy my 2nd book "The Hidden Letters"
    God bless you :)

  3. its nice to know that you have great intrest in writing...your most welcome to my blog.

  4. Thanks Purba Chakraborty for this amazing blog.


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