Tuesday 27 April 2021

Wings (Magic and Alchemy)


My father had gifted me
a pair of magical wings~
Wings Of courage 
and determination
when he saw me dreaming
with open eyes for the first time.
I fastened those wings
with the glue of faith
ready to take my first flight
like the Greek craftsman, 
Deaedalus and his son, Icarus. 

My father told me to fly away
from every thing that
chained me  
caged me 
pulled me down
made me doubt myself
stopped me from
reaching my dreams~
rules of society
judgmental relatives
comfort of the known
fear of the unknown
habit of the routine.
"Yes! Fly as high as possible
Do not fear to be Icarus" he said,
"Your wings are glued 
by faith, not wax
Sun cannot melt them 
Storms cannot touch them."

The poem is inspired from the Greek mythological story of Daedalus and Icarus. You can check it out here

The poem is dedicated to my wonderful father. It is his birthday today! Happy Birthday Papa. All that I am is because of you! I love you the most. 

Purba Chakraborty


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  1. Happy birthday to a wonderful man who has raised an excellent woman :)

  2. Beautiful tribute to an inspiring person.

  3. Such a lovely dedication, truly depicting the emotions behind it... My birthday wishes to your father🙏

  4. Beautifully penned! It is wonderful to have a supportive father like him.

  5. Wishing your father a very happy birthday. And an awesome poem by you as always
    Deepika Sharma

  6. Wonderful dedication to your father. Happy birthday to him!

  7. A beautiful tribute to your father who gave you wings to fly as high as you can!
    Wishing him a very happy birthday!

  8. Happy birthday to your wonderful father, Purba! He raised a beautiful child, filled with imagination. This is such a lovely tribute to him.

  9. Lucky you are. Touch wood! Let our wishes also be conveyed to your dear Dad.

  10. Happy Birthday to your fabulous father. We need more men like him in this world.
    Love these line:
    "comfort of the known
    fear of the unknown
    habit of the routine"

    So many wings never take flight because they're mired in the cages you mention.

    Love your treatment of Icarus. Awesome.

  11. Beautiful poem Purba. Happy birthday to your dad.

  12. He is a fortunate father. Greetings to him on his Birthday.

  13. Nothing beats a father's support in your dreams. Happy birthday to him!

  14. He is indeed fortunate to have a wonderful daughter like you. Fly high my friend! Loved the poem. Belated wishes to such a beautiful soul!

  15. Wonderful tribute to your father, Purba.

  16. Love the poem. Happy birthday uncle. Parents are such a role model

  17. Lovely poem and I am sure your father must have loved your dedication.


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