Monday, 26 April 2021

Valley of Nostalgia (Magic and Alchemy)


I find my way back again
to the alluring valley of nostalgia
Lit by fireflies of memories
Keepsakes sprouting like daffodils
The petrichor, night-jasmine
and other familiar aromas
inviting me in;
I hear the voice of loved ones
favorite childhood songs and jingles 
combined to form a delectable melody.

The valley of nostalgia
A bewitching, magnificent place
Present fades away
Unreal becomes real
Realm of magic realism.
I lay down on the valley
taking in all the beauty 
until the sun shines brightly,
jolting me out of my reverie.
The valley of nostalgia
is a magical place to be
but I have dreams to fulfill
songs to sing
stories to write
years to live. 

Purba Chakraborty


 I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z


  1. Your poem resonates i have promises to keep. Love how you juxtaposed dream of nostalgia with the present
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Fireflies of memories... what a beautiful usage. Like 'miles to go before I sleep'. Your poetry is wonderful..

  3. Nostalgia....... The theme of my this year's A2Z....... The thing about remembering old times is like draping oneself in a warm blanket. Always welcoming and ever alluring...........

  4. Beautiful! Touching! Lovable! And what not? This post of yours.

  5. Robert Frost's 'miles to go before I sleep' comes to mind.

    Your poetry is like dewdrops on petals--at once magical and real. Love it.

  6. Nostalgia is very alluring. But sadly we cannot live there for ever. Very beautiful lines.

  7. Loved the positive twist to bring one back to the present moment!

  8. Much beauty. Valley of nostalgia, what a lovely choice of words.


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