Friday 23 April 2021

The Trees and their Hymn ( Magic and Alchemy)


The trees and their hymn
teaches me the art of living;
How gracefully they 
shed their leaves in autumn
and wear new ones in spring;
Watching them, I learn
to cast off old beliefs, 
unlearn old habits
let go of toxic energy
and put on new ones~
clean energy
beliefs that uplift
habits that serve.
The trees and their hymn
teach me to sing songs 
of autumn and spring;
Revel in the gifts that
each season of life brings. 

Purba Chakraborty


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  1. Beautiful as usual Purba! Nature teaches us everyday, only we are poor learners

  2. And another one...Nice...wonderful observations, beautifully penned

  3. Only a poet can listen to the hymns of a tree. They truly have so much to teach.

  4. Only if it was so easy to shed old beliefs like a tree sheds its leaves. Nice poetry:)

  5. Well yes. You've learnt the right thing from the tree. Let's all of us learn the same.

  6. Nature is the best teacher and your poem showcases that !

  7. So true. Its essential we learn, unlearn and re-learn and no one teaches us this better than nature.

  8. How much we can learn from Mother Nature! Beautifully expressed, Purba!


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