Monday, 19 April 2021

Palace of Dreams (Magic and Alchemy)


You have been building it
Brick by brick
Tile by tile
Room after room
even before you understood
the meaning of life. 
Every wish, desire, 
yearning, hope, prayer
stored into rooms
embellished with faith and love
The palace of dreams 
represent life in its full glory.

Today, you meet plenty of people
who sell you sugar-coated lies;
They brainwash you into 
being walking dead
They ridicule you for having
something sacred in your life;
Will you let them convince you
to abandon the palace of dreams
in exchange of acceptance?
Will you let them crush it
with the bulldozer of hollow logic
justifying the societal conventions?
Or will you fight for your
beautiful palace of dreams
till your last breath
so that you live every second 
with honesty, depth and mirth?

Purba Chakraborty


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  1. Oh palace of dreams, how perfect. We should never let anyone break our palace of dreams

  2. Fight for your palace of dremas, good, encouraging..

  3. I want to love in the mirth and palace of dreams no matter how much the reality defies it! I'm nothing without my convictions and palatial dreams that let me thrive in my unison with creativity.

  4. Absolutely save the palace of dreams. What would one be without convictions and dreams
    Deepika Sharma

  5. Beautiful read in the morning, Palace of Dreams.

  6. You've managed to make the personal political in this piece Purba. I'm hinting at the current state of affairs in India.

  7. Nothing and no one in this world is worth crushing our palace of dreams for. Fight and live for your dreams, always.

  8. That is the dilemma. Should we for the sake of acceptance to things that is not quite like us? Beautiful poem.

  9. wow this is something to think of.. people around us will try to pull us down. now it is up to us. how strong we could stand tall

  10. We should make every effort to preserve our dreams and aspirations. Beautifully written!

  11. Sugarcoated lies lay siege to our palace of dreams! Sad reality in beautiful lines.


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