Saturday 17 April 2021

Ode to my Muse (Magic and Alchemy)


I have met you
through my poems
in several worlds;
Distant daydreams
yet so sublimely intimate
Countless conversations
yet not a single word exchanged;
How beautiful you are my muse!
You bring out the best in me
You transform me into a wizard
You beautify everything I write. 

I have felt your soft caress
when I doubted my ability
You lulled me to sleep
gifted me with visions
kissed me in my dreams
awakened me to a new world.
You are as dear to me
as the vast sky is to the bird
Our esoteric relationship gets
stronger with every word I write
How patient you are my muse!
You never abandon me 
it the difficult times
Instead, you hold me close. 

Purba Chakraborty


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  1. How lovely...beautiful lines..😊

  2. Sublime description of the muse who shall never forsake and shall remain steady. Wonderful writing
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Loved this ode Purba. How easy it is to blame the muse when one is stuck for ideas and yet, this poem of your shows how it is the muse that keeps us safe. Lovely.

  4. This is a subtle appreciation to the muse that inspires and at times ignites ! lovely poem.

  5. Such a beautiful relationship you have with your muse. My muse believes in hitting me on the head with a brick :D

  6. If not for that muse we would lose our inspiration to create, isn't it? Lovely lines! Hope your muse stays close to you forever.

  7. What a beautiful relationship with your Muse! Love this poem, Purba!


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