Wednesday 14 April 2021

Lyrical Collage (Magic and Alchemy)


I hear you cry
for the days gone by,
the loved ones who
have left the earth,
punching a hole in your heart.

I hear your moans
on lonely nights
when you bare 
your unhealed wounds
and long for
a caress, a hug, a kiss
from the loved ones who
have left the earth, 
punching a hole in your heart. 

The veil of life
conceals the spirit
of all the loved ones 
that you miss.
When the dawn arrives,
Get drenched in the first
drops of sunshine;
Inhale the warmth,
that wraps the love,
hope and blessings 
of your guardian angels.
Now, make a lyrical collage
of the most beautiful moments
you have spend with them;
Paste it on the chamber of 
your heart with the glue of love
Let them live within you
soothing and caressing you
whenever you miss them.
You are everyone that have loved you
You are everyone that you have loved.

Purba Chakraborty


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  1. Collage of memories, remembering beautiful moments, such lovely poem. You are everyone you have loved and those who loved you.

  2. wow! can i be more nostalgic! memories and college.

  3. what a splendid poem resplendent with warmth and love. The last 2 lines lingered on me!

  4. The last two lines are so pure and true. You've really summed up the emotions for so many of us. Loved it
    Deepika Sharma

  5. Wow! It touched deep to heart, I can feel this, collage of memories of the gone loved ones, welled up my eyes. What else to say, phenomenal Purba!

  6. Lovely poem, makes you really feel good.

  7. This was heart touching and a little painful too.


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