Tuesday 13 April 2021

Knight in Shining Armor (Magic and Alchemy)


It now feels like eons
Amid fairy tales
and medieval romances,
I started yearning for
a dauntless savior;
Wearing rose-tinted glasses, 
I wondered, "Where is my
Knight in shining armor?"

I soon felt impatient
with the long, arduous wait
Yet my heart was adamant;
Amid hardships and tragedies,
I found the mine of wisdom
Also in abundance they came
- allies and critics
but the Knight in shining armor
was nowhere in sight.
Disregarding it as my childhood dream,
I laughed in front of the mirror when
I behold the Knight in shining armor.

The sudden realization
showered me with unfettered joy
I looked at the girl in the mirror
She had fought each adversity
with the sword of tenacity
Saved me each time
I faced any difficulty.
When I was the Sleeping Beauty
drowned in ignorance,
she awakened me;
When I was stuck like Cinderella,
She, through her hard work
fulfilled all my dreams.
At last, I found the one 
I've been seeking for long
I smiled as I looked at the mirror
Yes! I am my Knight in shining armor. 

Purba Chakraborty


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  1. I loved how you emerged as the knight for yourself and stood up for all you had ever desired. May that mirror of strength always guide you towards your latent mystical powers!

  2. So true...we are our own Knights!!!

  3. Hell yes - we're our saviours and fighters and cheerleaders. Go you!

  4. Love your words! truly a wonder reading all your poems.

  5. Absolutely true. Each princess is her own knight in shining armour. Such a beautiful poem and matches my theme too.
    Deepika Sharma

  6. You are your knight in shining armour.

  7. I loved this one! It is so beautiful and self love is one the best for confidence. Great going Purba

  8. Great you had the realization. Kudos and best wishes!

  9. Fantastic. And you certainly are.
    These poems are fitting in so perfectly with Navratri--the celebration of shakti and the feminine energies.

  10. The knight with shining armour is within each of us. Brought out beautifully through your poem.

  11. You are your own cheerleader...true for you, me and everyone else...well written

  12. We are our own cheer leaders and there is never a need to wait for the knight to come rescue us ! loved it, loved it, loved it.

  13. Perfect! How I wish every child is taught about Knight in shining armour in this way. You need to help yourself, the rest will follow.


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