Saturday 10 April 2021

In their Eyes (Magic and Alchemy)


In the eyes 
of my mother and grandmother,
I had seen broken dreams, 
missed opportunities
unfulfilled wishes
unfinished sentences
haunting them like a ghost
due to gender-inequality. 
I wonder how deep
their love for me has been;
They gave me the life
they dreamt but couldn't have;
They weaved a blanket 
of strength, love,
tenacity, and resilience
from all their brokenness
and sheathed me with it
so that I get to live
this privileged, liberated life.
And today, whenever
I fulfill a dream,
Win a verbal battle
Create opportunities for 
myself and my soul sisters,
I realize my mother and grandmother
are living their dream life through me;
Together we'll always be in this journey.

Purba Chakraborty


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  1. That poem is so true. Describes generations of inequality but they continued to pass on their dreams
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Things have improved. But still a log way to go. You have brought out the issue wonderfully through your poem. A reminder to us all.

  3. Beautiful, though boys too have the same fate, often. Cursed to carry the burden of the failed dreams of their parents, specially father, on their shoulders.

  4. Generations of women have dreams that are unfulfilled. They live vicariously through their progeny. An idea that is as old as it is beautiful!

  5. True that people wish their children always have the life they never had....Beautifully written

  6. yes, our earlier generations have struggled a lot and we need to prove better with the chance that the time has given us. lovely read.

  7. This is the perfect poem for us to understand the struggle early generations have gone through!!

  8. Loved the title and how you have interpreted it.

  9. What a beautiful and powerful tribute to all the women who made us possible. Loved it Purba. Bravo.

  10. We reap the benefits of the struggles of generations before us who toiled to give us this privilege. More reason for us to stand for our sisters!

  11. Such a true one. Glad that people are understanding of what it is to be with broken dreams that too with gender inequality


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