Friday 9 April 2021

How to be the Thunder! (Magic and Alchemy)


You long to be 
a beautiful rainbow
on people's sky;
At times, the sun
Sometimes, the full moon
Also, a pole star.
But today I will teach you
how to be the thunder!

When people try to stifle your voice
On account of gender, caste and race
Roar like the thunder
Till they shudder
and realize their blunder;
Call out against any inequality
that you witness;
Leave your questions on 
their cloudy minds
like a bolt of lightening.
Be the thunder in their sky
Compel them to reply 
why do they even try
to stifle someone's voice
on account of gender, caste and race.
Yes, roar like the thunder
Till they shudder
and realize their blunder.

Purba Chakraborty


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  1. Sometimes we need to be more like the lightening too!

  2. Yes be the thunder thats the need of the hour. So apt and a totally new pov
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Wow Purba! Beautiful penned poem.

  4. lovely poem about empowering oneself. The idea of thunder works well as the metaphor.

  5. Finding our voice amidst the chaos that is life. So beautifully explained

  6. This is the advice I would like to give all women our there. Learn to be a thunder when need be!

  7. lovely. how amazing it is to read all your amazing words.

  8. Wow...such a wonderful way to give this message..well written

  9. Powerful ! yes no one should be targeted on the basis of caste creed, race or gender !


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