Wednesday 7 April 2021

Flirting with the Mountain Breeze (Magic and Alchemy)


Flirting with the mountain breeze,
The little girl experienced life's first kiss;
The wild wind in her hair
Lured her to dream and dare
To forget all logic and sense
To see life from Nature's astute lens
To sing to the wild flowers
To roll on the verdant earth for hours
To dance for the fluttering clouds
Not care for the supercilious crowd.

Flirting with the mountain breeze,
The weary woman experienced life's rosy kiss;
The wind pampered her ritzy tresses
Inviting her to be part of the wilderness
Amid nostalgia, she had the awareness
Only living on her own terms
will give her divine happiness.

-Purba Chakraborty


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  1. really enjoyed the effervescent poem. I could feel the mountain breeze in my face and thrust under my flying hair. well done!

  2. Loved this little girl who lived life on her own terms.

  3. Your poem made me nostalgic today. Missing the mountains a lot. Love the flutter it evokes.
    And yes, living on own terms equals happiness as long as we're doing it mindfully:)

  4. Living in cities, we miss so much of those mountain breeze and the wild.

  5. How magical! Mountains and that first kiss of winds are mesmerizing

  6. Living life on her terms so wonderful. I loved the imagery you created too
    Deepika Sharma

  7. It looks as if one has to read between the lines....Nice

  8. From the journey of a carefree little girl to a weary aged woman and the change in thought process... Very beautiful lines... So elegantly done.. Loved it..

  9. Then and now..! I loved how you weaved the poem so beautifully and oh yes, I miss the mountain breeze like crazy.

  10. Nature brings out the beauty in everyday life, and teaches us so much. Loved it Purba! May the little girl always live life on her own terms.

  11. The feel of the mountain breeze on the skin then and now! What a range of emotions. Wah! Loved it

  12. The feel of the mountain breeze on the skin then and now! What a range of emotions. Wah! Loved it

  13. so beautiful. And also reminded me Wordsworth's poem on Nature

  14. The little girl and the older woman living life on their own terms, the breeze in their hair. Such beautiful imagery.

  15. The journey that a girl takes to become the woman she is now... with the breeze in her hair. absolutely fantastic imagery. I loved your pic too.


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