Monday 5 April 2021

Dancing with a Cyclone (Magic and Alchemy)


It came to consume me
To thrash me down
to the pebbled floor
To laugh at my
tears and blood-tinted lesions;
Like a barbarous sadist, 
It reveled in my misery;
The more I whined, 
the more it was unkind
Till I ogled at it
With a bona fide smile
and stood up after a while.

"You are no foe,
but a teacher in disguise",
Saying this, I held its hand.
Dancing with a cyclone
Round and round, I was thrown
I fell, I got hurt, yet I stood up
Dancing with a cyclone
Round and round, I won.
I learned my strengths as
I matched its footsteps;
Finally, when it was gone
From caterpillar, a butterfly was born. 

-Purba Chakraborty

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  1. Wow! Another great one from you. Really motivating to start another week of A2Z.

  2. Such a philosophical poem! No doubt, when calamities come the best way is to accept first of all.

  3. Till i ogled at it with a bonafide smile
    That's the way to look at all the adversities in our life
    Lovely thoughts
    Deepika Sharma

  4. Your poems are such a motivational thing to read each morning. Love it

  5. A delightful read and a wonderful message - hardship make you strong

  6. Lovely. Dancing with the Cyclone. NIceee... Keep going and keep writing these wonderful verses.

    All the best for A to Z

  7. Beautifully crafted Purba.
    And the hardest moments of our life are our best teachers--as long as we're ready to embrace their wisdom.

  8. You really write so well and your poems touches heart!!

  9. This has all the elements a good poem...the title, structure, word- selection, ending , message- everything is well balanced and perfect

  10. This is a true masterpiece Purba... Such powerful and inspiring words.. I couldn't help reading it multiple times to soak in the words

  11. Dancing with a cyclone! What a wonderful way to overcome moments of despair! Absolutely lovely!

  12. This is truly inspiring and I loved the positivity with which you showcased the emotions.


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