Saturday 3 April 2021

Courage, the Queen sitting in your heart (Magic and Alchemy)


How long will you
gaze at those half-baked dreams
with an aching melancholy?
How long will you 
watch your vision of glory
getting blurry 
with the remnants of failures
and the bitter words of naysayers?

Stop at once
and tap into that mighty reservoir
of Courage sitting in your heart 
like the Queen in chess;
She is bedecked with 
pearls of faith and rubies of resilience.
Invoke her today
When your mind-kingdom is in danger;
Let Courage fuel those half-baked dreams
and clear your mighty vision;
The failures are now notes of wisdom
Your naysayers, part of your fandom. 

-Purba Chakraborty

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  1. The Queen in chess is the personification of courage indeed. Good metaphor.

  2. A beautiful positive poem reminding one to look inside for courage.
    I love your series
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Raise and shine from failure! Lovely lines.

  4. This is such an inspiring post. Thanks Purba.

  5. Your naysayers part of your fandom - hear hear! We forget that courage does not mean the absence of failure or fear. This poem is a good reminder.

  6. A very apt metaphor . Loved this piece !

  7. Amazing, inspiring...I think I should come here and read it again whenever I feel the same

  8. All we need is to stop paying heed to the naysayers... And rest will all fall in place... Beautiful portrayal of courage using the Queen of chess... Loved that metaphor

  9. Super and powerful Purba.
    Two images came to mind when I read your poem: Ma Kali and the series-The Queen's Gambit.
    Yes to 'reservoir of courage sitting in your heart.'

    Visiting from A to Z, at

  10. I like the analogy you drew between the Queen in chess and Courage. All we need to do is tap into ourselves and we'll find courage. Lovely lines.

  11. Positive poem, Purba. Courage & confidence can work miracles!

  12. This is so powerful and motivating. Naysayers and fandom, interesting! :-)

  13. A great way to start the day. A dose of your poetry. Powerful and motivating at the same time. Great!

  14. This makes so many sense Purba, your words inspire dear. Yet again your series is awesome

  15. loved this, its so true that when your successful everyone pays attention

  16. A wonderful concept, and poem, Purba! Courage is what makes life worth living and there could be no greater warrior than the Queen in chess.


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