Tuesday 5 May 2020

Publish your New eBook in the #BlogchatterEBook Carnival

Blogchatter eBook Carnival Season 5 is here and this is your chance to be the author of a brand new eBook. 

Last year, I published my eBook "Letters from the Soul" in the Blogchatter eBook Carnival and was overwhelmed to see the response. It was an amazing experience. 

I will be participating in the Carnival this year too. And I am elated to be one of the mentors of the Blogchatter eBook Carnival 2020. 

As a mentor, I am going to share a few important points that will help you in creating and publishing your eBook. If you have any questions about participating in the Blogchatter eBook Carnival, you can ask me in the comment section or on my Twitter Handle @Manchali_Purba

If you have participated in the A to Z blogging challenge 2020 and now thinking to convert your 26 blog posts posts into an eBook, you must participate in the #BlogchatterEBook carnival. Consider the feedback and comments of your readers when you edit the posts.

If you have a collection of great blogposts or stories or poems or articles, you can compile them today and create a valuable eBook.
First of all, think of a catchy title for your book that will go well with the theme of your content.

You will need MS Word to compile and format your posts. After compiling the posts, edit and proofread them so that there are no grammatical and spelling errors. You can use Grammarly for that purpose. Make sure that the word count of your Blogchatter eBook is atleast 5000 words.

Do not forget to add the copyright, dedication acknowledgements and author bio in your eBook. Add a table of contents to make the reading experience better. Once you have the entire eBook ready, proofread it for the final time. Ask a friend/family member to go through the book and give you honest feedback.

Make sure that the cover of your #blogchatterebook is attractive. Canva is a great app for creating the cover of your eBook. You can also take professional help. Write an interesting blurb that will capture the essence of your eBook & tempt the readers to read it.

Your eBook will be on the website of Blogchatter for a month. After that period, you can publish your book on Amazon Kindle. You can also approach various traditional publishers.
Promote your #blogchatterebook in various ways so that your book emerges as a roaring success. You can do FB and Insta Live sessions, interact with your readers, share stories about the making of the book, arrange contests/polls/giveaways to create a buzz.

The last date to register for the Blogchatter eBook Carnival is the 8th of May, 2020. Here's wishing you all the very best in converting your dreams of becoming an author into reality.
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  1. Planning to participate in this year's carnival. Thank you for the guidance.

    1. Great to know that. Looking forward to seeing your book in the carnival. Cheers.


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