Thursday 30 April 2020

Zesty Radha (Mythological Monologues #26)

The predestined hour came
Krishna left for Mathura
Taking my smile in His eyes
My love and devotion in His heart
Immortalizing our memories 
In the bountiful lap of Nature.
Leaving behind my Shyam in Vrindavan,
The melody of His flute in my heart
His Divine Name entwined with mine
Together we will be called
RadheShyam till the end of time. 

On my birth,
I kept my eyes closed
Everyone thought I was born blind
Years rolled by, doctors failed 
To give me my vision
I-Radhika opened my eyes 
For the first time when Krishna-
My journey and destination
Was in front of me
My world was illuminated by light
I was filled with zest 
Immersed in the color of Mohan.
Krishna is the vast entire Cosmos
I am His essence.
Waves do not have any identity 
Without the Sea
The Sea do not want to exist
Without its waves. 

Sitting by the banks of Yamuna,
I often bask in the melody of His flute
Smile of ecstasy in lips
Tears of love in eyes
Losing track of time and space.
They ask me in bewilderment, 
"Where is the sound of flute?"
With a smile, I say,
"In my heart. I can hear it always."
"Can you see Him too?" 
"Yes. In my reflection in the river."
I say looking at Govind smiling at me.
Love is that dazzling Divine light
The very Nature of every soul
That gives life to the entire world 
Physical separation is like a cloudy sky
The Sun is eternally there
Even when it is not visible.

Every place that I go, 
He is there with me.
Every sentence that I say, 
He is there in it.
Every breath that I take, 
He is dissolved in it. 
Sun rays can never be 
Separated from the mighty Sun
Heartbeats cannot be 
Parted from the Heart
The Soul can never be disjointed 
From the Super Soul.
Radha is in Shyam
Shyam is in Radha
His Divine name entwined with Mine
Together we will be called
RadheShyam till the end of time. 

©Purba Chakraborty

Yudhishthira (Mythological Monologues #25)

With this poem, the A to Z blogging challenge 2020 finally comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed my series of Mythological Monologues. Thanks to all my readers for their tremendous love, support, encouragement, appreciation, and feedback. 


  1. Radha and Krishna are like wave and ocean. Thanks for being a co ttaveller in this AtoZ journey.

  2. Stole my heart when you said, "Love is that dazzling Divine light", Purba! With your verse you have covered the most graceful eternal love of Radha with a great aplomb. Kudos.
    Heartiest congratulations on successfully completing the challenge with grace.

  3. Oh it is a revelation for me, that Radha was assumed blind since birth and she only opened her eyes when she saw Krishna for the first time. What more proof for a divine love and dedication! Another beautiful portrayal of an adored character from our mythology and her oneness with the Lord Krishna.
    I have so enjoyed your mythological series Purba! Thank you for this amazing journey through our epics and their various characters. Looking forward to so much more from you. Do keep in touch! Best wishes!

  4. Hari OM
    LOL - I did wonder how you would use the last letter - very nicely used to capture the essence of Radha-ji!!! Congrats on reaching the end of month. YAM xx

  5. Radha and Shyam are truly entwined. I have loved all of your poems, Purba. I really enjoyed your series. :)
    "Waves do not have any identity
    Without the Sea
    The Sea do not want to exist
    Without its waves. "
    This is just too beautiful. You have a way with words that tends to leave readers like me speechless. There's so much beauty in these lines. I am so glad to have been a part of your journey. Congratulations on being an AtoZ survivor!You have gained one more admirer. I'll keep dropping by. I hope we can still be in touch. :)

  6. Beautiful way of showing her devotion. He is in me and I am in him. It applies to us as well, as a small part of this cosmos.


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