Monday 27 April 2020

Warm-hearted Sudama (Mythological Monologues #23)

The fragrance of true friendship
Never fades and evaporates with distance;
It dwells in the kernel of heart
Like the most mellifluous Bhajan,
The petrichor of monsoon
The aromatic flowers of Vasant
The vibrant colors of Holi.
My prized memories with dear Krishna
Take away all my scorching agonies
Like a whiff of perfumed zephyr-
Stealing butter from nearby households
Finding clay pots of freshly churned butter
Escaping the eyes of everyone and relishing it.
Every day, a new prank and hatching stories
To avoid getting caught by anyone.
Getting lost in the melody of His flute,
Experiencing Oneness with the Cosmos. 

I- Sudama have not met my loving friend
Since years yet I feel him in my heart
Providing love and solace whenever I need.
At the merciless hands of poverty, 
My wife asked me to seek help 
From Krishna, the King of Dwarka.
I embarked on my long journey to Dwarka,
Taking a handful of beaten rice for Krishna. 
The thought of beholding the effulgent face 
Of my dear friend after years of separation 
Inspired me to walk steadily to His palace. 
I- Sudama, a poor Brahmin was received
With bounteous warmth, joy, and respect 
By Krishna's wife, Rukmini. 
The long-awaited beautiful moment came
Krishna and I looked at each other
Tears of love flowing down our eyes
My heart overflowing with affection and devotion.
With trembling hands, I offered Him my gift
Feeling embarrassed in the midst of the grandeur.
Krishna took the handful of beaten rice
Savored it the way he savored butter in childhood
The cheerful and contented smile on His face- 
It made me forget my purpose of visiting Him. 

At that moment, Krishna was not the King of Dwarka
Sudama was no longer a poor, destitute Brahmin
Our differences were dissolved in the nectar of love.
Krishna insisted me to sit on His throne
As we recalled our childhood stories, 
Krishna washed my tired feet 
With water and sandalwood.
I stayed at the palace for two days
Basking in the euphoria of Divine Love.
Krishna embraced me before I left His palace.
As I walked towards my home, 
The cruel realization dawned on me;
The ecstasy of meeting Krishna-
It made me forget my purpose of visiting Him.
I failed to ask for any help
I wept as I thought of my wife and children
Starving since days without complaint.
I was speechless when I reached home
Instead of my hut, there was a palace
My wife, dressed in the finest clothes greeted me.
I knelt down as tears of joy rolled down my eyes
"O Krishna! You know my heart more than I do
You heard all my unsaid words 
You felt all my unexpressed anguish
You saw all my uncried tears.
The blessed ones who have You as their friend
Never need to worry about anything."

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: Sudama was a Brahmin childhood friend of Lord Krishna. His story of meeting Krishna in Dwarka is mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana. 

Vibhishana (Mythological Monologues #22)


  1. The real friendship doesn't know poverty and richness. It does know only love and affection.

  2. Sudama has an important part in the life of Sri Krishna. You have heartwarmingly shown his thoughts and feelings towards his friend Krishna. Beautiful!

  3. Beautifully told Purba. I love the part where he got so immersed in his love of the lord that he forgot everything. A lovely story

  4. Hari OM
    The warmth radiated here! YAM xx

  5. This is simply BEAUTIFUL, Purba!! Loved the way you have woven this story of friendship, love and devotion!! ♥♥

  6. True frienship knows no boundaries. Beautifully written, Purba! :)


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