Friday 24 April 2020

Urmila (Mythological Monologues #21)

Love is that powerful force
A miracle, A weapon, A shield
That can reach the beloved from afar
It is not always in presence
The lotus of love blooms
Drawing appreciation and admiration;
In the darkness of absence,
The night jasmine silently blooms
Spreading fragrance in the air
To fall off, the very next morning
Without exacting an ounce of admiration.

I- Urmila, unlike my sister Sita
Did not follow my husband, Lakshmana
 To the forests to live a life of austerity.
I stayed back in the palace of Ayodhya, 
Ensuring my husband serves Rama and Sita
Without getting distracted by my company.
Restless I was in the midst of everyone
My heart yearned to help Lakshmana
Every day and night, I prayed for a chance
To be his ally in this cosmic plan
Till the Universe granted my wish. 
The Goddess of Sleep visited me one night
"Lakshmana wants to stay awake 
For the next fourteen years 
To serve Rama and Sita.
His boon can only be granted
If someone accepts his share of sleep."
With a smile on my face, I said, 
"Please give me his share of sleep, Goddess."
For the next fourteen years, I slept
Whereas Lakshmana stayed awake.
Despite our physical distance, we were united
In our mission to serve Lord Rama;
Lakshmana could slay the mighty Indrajit
Who had the boon of being killed only by
The person who has conquered sleep. 

Love is that mighty gift
That can conquer any distance
Love is that miraculous armor
That can protect the beloved afar
Love is that divine nectar
That can make a person immortal.
People forget themselves when they sleep
I- Urmila was united with Lakshmana
As I slept uninterrupted for fourteen years;
With every beat of my heart, 
I was with him unconditionally, 
Without attachment and expectations;
The long years were not lost in oblivion
They made me an associate of my soulmate.
Separation, Distance, and Trust 
Became the holy soil on which
Urmila and Lakshmana's love bloomed
Into Parijata, night flowering jasmine. 

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: Urmila is the wife of Lakshmana in the Hindu epic, Ramayana. She was the daughter of King Janaka and Queen Sunaina and the younger sister of Sita. 

Tender-Hearted Bharata (Mythological Monologues #20)


  1. The night jasmine silently blooms
    Spreading fragrance in the air
    To fall off, the very next morning
    Without exacting an ounce of admiration. Purba, it's something very deep, it reside in my heart's deepest corner. I admire this thought very much, with my whole. And how beautifully you ended with the note of Parijata. Ohh, brilliant. Touched my soul today. Lovely, and I wish upon the shooting star a sacred blessing for you dear. Love and hugs.

  2. It must have been such a difficult choice for her at that crucial point. How beautifully you have portrayed her feelings and the positivity that kept her heart beating every time for Lakshman's wellbeing. "Separation, distance and trust became the holy soil"...splendid!

  3. Your poems keep getting better and better! I love how you described love. Love how you portrayed the tale of lotus and night jasmine, drawing parallels between Sita and Urmila! This is just so beautiful! :)

  4. Beautiful write up Purba.. writing in a poetic way about mythological character is amazing. Distance trust and soil ... nothing separated the love of Urmila and laxman.. love is that might gift !!

  5. Urmila is a lesser known character. Her sacrifices too need to be highlighted. Wonderful post.

  6. While we know Lakshman's strength and devotion, we know little about Urmila. It's so great you have highlighted Urmila's strength here.


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