Thursday 23 April 2020

Tender-Hearted Bharata (Mythological Monologues #20)

The way Sudarshan Chakra 
Loses its existence without Lord Vishnu, 
My life loses all its meaning
When I am not serving my elder brother, Rama. 
The moon gets its light from the Sun
I- Bharata derive my strength from Rama.
If only my mother, Kaikeyi realized 
Ashada can never take the place of Shraavana,
She would not have imposed 
The misery of draught on Ayodhya. 
Desire to become the King of Ayodhya
Was as alien to me as monsoon in winter;
Despite carrying me in her womb for nine months,
My mother failed to know my soul
That is connected to Rama since several lifetimes. 
I pleaded numerous times to my elder brother
To return to Ayodhya and bless the kingdom
He turned me down again and again,
Stating he cannot dishonor father's words. 
Helpless and disheartened, I prayed to Him
And received the knowledge to run a kingdom
Every word of His was Holy nectar 
That I consumed with obeisance.

The impending long separation of fourteen years
Made my heart tremble with agony and fear
"How will I live without you, brother?" My heart cried
"By fulfilling your duties, Bharata." My Lord said.
All my fears, agony, and anxiety disappeared
I could see a ray of light showing me the path.
Before leaving, I asked for his footwear
Placed them on the royal seat of Ayodhya
I let the people of Ayodhya know it clearly
"Only Rama is the ruler of Ayodhya
His brother, Bharata only serves Him." 
Without abandoning my duties, 
I left the luxuries of the palace 
Started living in Nandi Gram
Practiced austerity for fourteen years
To feel closer to my elder brother.
The way Sudarshan Chakra 
Loses its existence without Lord Vishnu, 
Bharata's life loses all its meaning
When He is not serving His elder brother, Rama. 

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: Bharata is the younger brother of Lord Rama in the Hindu epic, Ramayana. He is the son of King Dasharath and Queen Kaikeyi. 

Satyavati (Mythological Monologues #19)


  1. A great bond of friend beautifully summarized in a poem. Well done, Purba!

  2. Your take on mythical characters in this series is definitely praiseworthy. This may rekindle interest in our timeless epics.

  3. This is yet another praiseworthy portrayal of an important mythological character. The respect and dedication of Bharat for his elder brother Lord Ram was uniquely splendid. You have presented that so well.

  4. This is a beautiful relationship between Rama and bharatha. The way they both live together is great.

  5. Bharata is one of my most fav characters from history and you had done full justice to his selfless character weaving into your poetry

  6. You have brought the brother's emotions to life through this monologue.

  7. The love of Bharat for his brother is so deep. This devotion and sacrifice is simply commendable. Beautiful composition, Purba!


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