Tuesday 21 April 2020

Rukmini (Mythological Monologues #18)

The way sunflower gets drawn to the sun
The moths gets drawn to a lamp, 
I- Rukmini am drawn to Krishna 
Since I knew my name and identity. 
Every time I saw myself in the mirror, 
I could see him in my twinkling eyes,
In my smile, in my glistening tears;
He is in me more than I am in myself. 
I grew up listening to His stories
On my canvas, I painted Him
With His flute and the peacock feather.
I had his photograph in my heart
His paintings all around my room
My every heartbeat belonged to Him.

If marriage is the divine union
Of two souls, I was already married 
To Krishna since several lifetimes. 
My brother, Rukmi was adamant
He wanted me to marry his friend, Shishupala.
Leaving all hesitation, I wrote a love letter
To Krishna, confessing all my feelings
"O Krishna! O ManMohana! please carry me away
From the temple of Goddess Parvati tomorrow.
I cannot marry anyone apart from you.
You are in me more than I am in myself
Can one separate rain from the clouds?
Can one separate sunshine from the sun?
If you fail to come, I have to give up my life
So that we can get united in some other lifetime."
With boundless faith in my love, 
I gave the letter to a priest to deliver.
Expressing my immeasurable love to Krishna
Liberated me from the fruits of my action.

I looked at the idol of Goddess Parvati,
Envisioned her journey of austerity to get
Mahadev as Her husband.
"Bless me Mother! Krishna is my very soul
I am a river; He is the Ocean
He is my journey. He is my destination.
Let Him be my husband in every lifetime."
The fragrance of my love replaced
The pangs of fear and anxiety;
The sound of footsteps got clearer
As I completed saying my prayer. 
With pulsating heartbeats, I turned around
He walked into the temple with slow steps,
Like the sun rising from the bosom of mountains,
I beheld the first sunrise of my life.
Everything in my life paled and disappeared
At the sight of the golden smile of Krishna
The river dissolved with the Ocean. 

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: Rukmini was the princess of Vidarbha. She is the chief consort of Lord Krishna. 

Queen Kaikeyi (Mythological Monologues #17)


  1. It was interesting to go through the feelings of Rukmini through yoir lyrics.

  2. It was interesting to go through the feelings of Rukmini through yoir lyrics.

  3. His smile can truly mesmerize anyone. Beautifully written, dear. I'm really enjoying your mythological monologues. :)

  4. Honestly I didn’t know about Rukmini’s love story, I just knew she was Krishna’s wife. Loved the candid first person weave

  5. Didn't know much about Rukhmini - so glad to meet her through your verse. The lines were so beautiful and the devotion transcending. Loved it.

  6. We all know Radha and Krishna and their story, getting to know about Rukmini and her longingness for Krishna is quite mesmerizing. You have beautifully portrayed her character and her feelings.

  7. I knew about Rukmini and Krishna's love story but you have weaved it very beautifully. At my Nani's place, there is one temple. It has stairs that goes on the other side. They have closed it for public but it says that thats the place where Krishna met Rukmini as described in your monologue.

  8. Rukmini's love and devotion for Krishna is beautiful and awe-inspiring and you have broought that out so beautifully, Purba!! Loved reading this poem!

  9. You know Purba, I was reading your poem and I was portraying my own Krishna in my heart. I have tasted the essence of falling in love with Krishna. I was dissolved in your poem, as I felt I am Rukmini herself. Loved it absolutely. ❤❤


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