Monday 20 April 2020

Queen Kaikeyi (Mythological Monologues #17)

I am stranded 
In the arid desert of remorse
For fourteen long years;
Each day, I struggled to breathe
Each year, I longed for some rain
That can heal my parched heart,
Yearning for love and affection. 
I- Queen Kaikeyi lost everything
When I let the storm of greed
The strong winds of hate
Enter my heart and
Blew away my Utopia,
Burn my temple of love
Leaving ashes of my sin everywhere. 

My life was a beautiful Arcadia
I- Queen Kaikeyi, a brave warrior,
Skilled at playing various instruments
The favorite queen of Ayodhya;
I saved King Dasharath's life.
I loved Rama more than my own son, Bharata
Due to Rama's incomparable skills and virtues;
An ideal wife, mother, warrior
I claimed to be, with foremost pride.
I was oblivious when the seeds of desire 
To be better than Queen Kausalya
Gave birth to a poisonous tree 
That destroyed my Arcadia.
I let my maid, Manthara
Take ownership of my mind
And banished Rama from Ayodhya
To see Bharata as the ruler of Ayodhya
Resulting in the King's death. 
In the blinking of my eyes, 
I lost my husband and beloved son
Got cursed by my son, Bharata
A despised Witch from an admired Queen
In the eyes of everyone. 

I am stranded 
In the arid desert of repentance
For fourteen long years;
It never rained once in the desert
I have forgotten what love feels like
I have forgotten what living feels like
I kept praying for death each day. 
Rama is in my room after all these years
I weep, knowing I do not deserve his respect
With folded hands and clammy eyes, 
I pray for forgiveness at Rama's feet
"Mother! You contributed to the Cosmic Drama
Without you, Ravana would not get killed."
I look into Rama's lotus-like eyes
As he says those words with a calm smile. 
My penitence, aches, and burns
Transforms into a serene river
After years, I breathe with ease
My heart radiates love and kindness;
Liberated I am from my sins and guilt
By the merciful glance of Rama
My beloved son, the Lord of the Universe. 

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: Kaikeyi is the third queen of King Dasharath in the Hindu epic, Ramayana. She is the mother of Bharata. 

Partha (Mythological Monologues #16)


  1. The Holy epic reflects the sacrifice,patience,forgiveness and love. The diction of your poem is highly prolific. Thank you purba for your poem

  2. Such a nice write up, describing Kaikeyi both positive and negative aspects !!

  3. Kaikeyi played a crucial role in Ramayan. She is the perfect example that we should use our inner voice and should not get carried away with someone else.

  4. A poem of genuine repentance by a mother whose greed ruined so many lives, I loved the way you have approached this character Purba, you undoubtedly are a pure hearted soul

  5. This is stunning! Kaikeyi took the brunt of being the villain and despise of everyone, although her contribution was vital in the course of the epic. Beautifully presented Purba!

  6. Your twitter handle is not embedded in the sharing option, I think. This poem is too good. You have beautifully summarized the depth of feelings Queen Kaikeyi must have felt in the long wait that followed since Lord Rama's banishment. I love how you put yourself in each character's shoes and write down how they must have felt. Great work, Purba. I'm glad that A2Z led me to your blog. :)

  7. Kaikeyi always fascinated me. From an accomplished, beloved partner to the King to the most hated personality in the epic, she had witnessed both the good and bad tests of life! Your poem sums up everything so well Purba.

  8. Those 14 years must be living hell for Kaikeyi! Havent read much about her during the 14 years of vanvaas. You have brought out her mental agony so well, Purba. Well done!

  9. How many lines could I quote here? One of them are: Each year, I longed for some rain
    That can heal my parched heart,
    Yearning for love and affection. I am seeing a new face of queen Kaikeyi here. Absolutely different, her inner turmoil is so beautifully penned here. You're blessed Purba. Hugs.

  10. How can you depict a character so beautifully in your it's beautiful. Inspired by you I have drafted a poem for my tomorrow's T post . Do read it dear . Thanks


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