Thursday 16 April 2020

Noble Abhimanyu (Mythological Monologues #14)

I was taught 
Even before my birth
To look fear in the eye
And defeat the monster;
In the womb
Of my mother, Subhadra,
I learnt how to bravely
Break into a giant discus formation
In battle from my father, Arjuna. 
Being the nephew and student of Lord Krishna,
I-Abhimanyu had never feared death
My only fear, if any was living 
A life without purpose and meaning. 

The thirteenth day 
Of the Kurukshetra war
Gave me the chance to prove
My valor, nobility, and bravery;
It was Dronacharya's ingenious plan
To perish the army of the Pandavas
Through a giant discus formation
While at the same time keeping
My father, Arjuna and Lord Krishna
Away to chase a different army
The only two warriors who had the skill
Of entering and breaking the formation.
Panic and trepidation grew within the army
As hundreds of soldiers were getting killed
All of a sudden, like a flash of lightening
Realization dawned on me;
"I know how to enter a discus formation",
I claimed as my uncles, the Pandavas 
Gave a sigh of relief.  
I bravely entered the formation, 
Determined to kill the ruthless Kauravas,
With the support of my uncles;
As soon as I entered the Chakravhuh, 
I realized it is my battle alone
Jayadrath had blocked my uncles.

I was taught 
Even before my birth
To look fear in the eye
And defeat the monster;
It didn't matter that I was all alone 
Inside the gigantic discus formation
I pledged to fight till my last breath, 
Causing massive destruction to the Kauravas.
I was not aware how to break the discus
So I devised a new strategy 
And killed thousands of 
Kaurava soldiers and warriors
That intimidated the Kauravas so much
They planned a joint attack on me-
A sixteen year old warrior.
Such cowards! Such wimps!
I laughed at their despicable strategy. 
Karna broke my bow from behind
As ordered by the blood-thirsty Duryodhana
Kripacharya killed my chariot drivers
Kritavarma killed my horses;
I quickly took up a shield and sword
Dronacharya and Ashwatthama attacked me
I then took up a chariot wheel, 
Refusing to give up till my last breath
When Kripacharya cut my wheel. 
Once I was completely unarmed and helpless,
One by one, the Kaurava warriors attacked me
Dozens of arrows pierced my body 
And finally, all the warriors stabbed me to death. 

I died with a smile on my face
I served my purpose 
In the battle of righteousness
The smiling faces of my Father, 
Mother Subhadra, Mother Draupadi 
Soothed the excruciating pain in my chest;
As I was breathing my last,
I could see a peacock feather in the sky,
Lord Krishna smiling and blessing me
I smiled back and closed my eyes. 
I-Abhimanyu died like a brave, noble warrior
People will talk about my bravery for ages
Whereas my murderers will always be
Looked down for their cowardly act.  
In my defeat, I triumphed
Through my death, I became immortal.

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: Abhimanyu was a great warrior in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. He was the son of Arjuna and Subhadra. He was the nephew of Lord Krishna who trained him in warfare. 

Mandodari (Mythological Monologues #13)


  1. I could see a peacock feather in the sky,
    Lord Krishna smiling and blessing me. Wow, how wonderful. Purba I was reading the poem and the imagery was flashing in front of my eyes. It was a visual storytelling for me. So deep, so beautiful!

  2. Hari OM
    Noblest of the noble, blessed Abhimanyu! YAM xx

  3. This is one of the most touching pieces of this series Purba. I can feel Abhimanyu petrified before his birth yet he fought like a warrior

  4. Beautiful poetic expression Purba, loved It!!!

  5. Your poem is highly have a great poetic sense.

  6. Your poem is highly prolific. You have a great poetic sense.

  7. Purba, Abhimanyu had a deadh which was full of pride. Death is never pleasant but the way he fought alone and didn't think pe bothered that he was entering the chakravruh all alone was victory in itself.

  8. He fought till his last breath and died a hero. Beautifully penned, Purba!


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