Saturday 11 April 2020

Janaki (Mythological Monologues #10)

My softness 
Is often seen as a weakness
Do you say the same
About Mother Nature
When she never tires of giving?
I, Sita - the daughter of Bhumi
Nourish, Heal, Rejuvenate
Every living soul
Without any conditions
The purpose of my existence
Is to beautify and heal the world
With my love, compassion, kindness.
I chose King Janak as my father
The kindest and the most noble ruler
And became his loving daughter - Janaki
Who healed Mithila from drought. 

My love overflows
Like the rivulets and the seas
I choose companions and circumstances
That can help me express my love
And fulfill my purpose of living;
I chose Rama as my husband 
The man with all the virtues 
The personification of
The Divine, Supreme Love
For which sages and saints
Sit for years in meditation.
I chose to accompany him
On the fourteen years of exile
As life in a palace suffocated me
Can you cage the greenery of the world
In a castle for years?

Forest Life made me blossom
Which my husband realized
More than anyone else;
"Sita, You are Nature Herself",
I heard Rama whisper to me
When my eyes met His
While we exchanged smiles
And words of the heart;
Those years of exile were
The ones when our love
Bloomed like an immortal lotus
On a full moon night. 

The fateful day 
That marked our separation
Was needed to save the human race
From the torment of Ravana
And just like Mother Nature 
Who gives without second thought,
I- Janaki sacrificed my love and peace
So that Rama can kill Ravana
As planned by the Gods and the stars.
I stayed alive
In the Ashok forest of Lanka
Despite the mental agony
Afflicted on me each day
So that I can behold my beloved,
When he fulfills His destiny
And becomes the best king of Ayodhya.
If I could bear all those days of torture,
It was because Rama was there in my heart
Soothing my blisters and bruises. 

Rama's love made me invincible
Powerful than the five elements; 
I chose to give Agni Pariksha
To protect my beloved from humiliation
And see Him as the Great Ruler of Ayodhya.
Later, my beloved protected me 
From the insults of His subjects
By sending me to Sage Valmiki's ashram
He remembered forest life made me blossom.
Ignorant and prideful people
Often disrespect Mother Nature
As she gives and gives
Without asking any questions. 
But one day, when Mother Nature
Loses her patience, 
Her tears destroy everything
In the form of earthquakes, 
Hurricanes, tsunamis or typhoons.
I- Janaki kept on giving and sacrificing
My love for the peace of people
But they humiliated me
Separated me from my Beloved;
When my patience crossed its limits,
I chose to bring an earthquake
And become one with Mother Earth
So that people learn that
Every time Nature will be disrespected, 
Love and peace will elude them all. 

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: Janaki or Sita is the central female character in the Hindu epic, Ramayana. She is the daughter of the Earth Goddess, Bhumi and the adopted daughter of King Janaka and Queen Sunaina. She chose Rama as her husband in her Swayamvara. 

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  1. It is unfortunate that in 21st century too we continue to be by and large a patriachal society. Your post is a grim reminder of the atrocities that the sitas have gone through since time immemorial.

  2. We can't find the goddess like sita in this world. Sita is unique

  3. Beautiful depiction of Sita buddy. Your words did justice to her eventful life. I could feel her emotions throughout

  4. I don't deserve to say anything here. You have portrayed one of the biggest and layered characters of Indian Mythology. How many days you researched and studied her?? I think, you sat in solitude days after days to inhale the essence in your soul. Bravo! Kudos to you dear friend.

  5. Hari OM
    Ah - this poem fits our times... YAM xx

  6. That was excellent Purba! You have captured her complete love and devotion to Rama so eloquently throughout!

  7. I love the strength of the character Janaki / Sita possessed. May it be captivity or may it be taking stand for herlsef in the end, Sita proved that she was the woman of substance, of steely resolve yet compassionate and never demanding.
    I equally loved how you drew attention to the greater cause through this poem.
    - Its J for 'Jack of All Trades' at

  8. How relevant is your poem today is remarkable. To take the task of portraying an epic in short words and yet not losing the essence is indeed skillful. Loved this version.

  9. Every time Nature will be disrespected,
    Love and peace will elude them all. Truer words have never been spoken. This is very poignant and relevant, even today. Great job, Purba!


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