Friday, 10 April 2020

Indrajit (Mythological Monologues #9)

Injustice and Cruelty
Are the words they use
For the way my father- Dashanan
Abducted Sita from Panchavati
Dusguising as a mendicant;
But what about that night
When Lakshmana attacked me
While I was unarmed 
Worshipping Lord Shiva
In the Nikumvilla Yagna?
I- Ravana's brave son, Indrajit 
The possessor of three celestial weapons
Expert in sorcery and magical warfare
Wanted to win a fair battle
Protect my country, Lanka
On the grounds of my strength and boons
Never did I strategize and plan 
To slay my powerful opponent 
When he is absolutely unarmed
Laying his soul bare
To his deity. 

"Ego, pride and greed
Will bring your downfall"-said
my uncle Vibhisana 
to my father Ravana
Before leaving Lanka
And surrendering at Rama's feet.
But what about the despicable betrayal
Of my paternal uncle 
when he showed Lakshmana
The way to my deity's secret temple
So that Lakhmana can brutally
Slay me at my weakest moment?
I begged him repeatedly
To not fight with an unarmed person
But he did not hear my pleas
As I endangered his life earlier.

I- Indrajit fought bravely 
With utensils of the yagna;
My heart exploding to pieces
Not by Lakshmana's attack
But by my Uncle's betrayal.
I was not given a fair chance to fight
As I was too powerful for the enemy.
I- Meghnada don't have any regrets
I lived like a supreme warrior
I died like a brave patriot
An ideal son of mighty Ravana
Who loved his family and country
But my Uncle will live like a deceiver
More than a devotee of Rama, 
People will call him a traitor
Despite winning the battle, 
He will be haunted every night
By the gruesome cries of his 
Brothers, nephews, wife and children. 

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: Indrajit or Meghnada was the son of Ravana and Mandodari in the Hindu epic, Ramayana.  Indrajit, the Prince of Lanka is regarded as one of the greatest warriors. 

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  1. Aah the feeling of Indrajit through your words seem so genuine Purba, yet another great read, lovely

  2. Had forgotten about Indrajit and Lakshaman's battle. Your poem refreshed the story again for me. Loving this series of yours, Purba!

  3. Purba, I read Ramayana in childhood. While reading your this poem, it felt like I am reading the chapter and the story of Indrajit once again. How beautifully you have narrated the poem. Too good dear.

  4. I never looked at Indrajit in this manner as you have. Beautiful. Ramayan always brings ram, Lakshama, Sita, Hanuman and Ravan into limelight. Thanks for bringing Indrajit into the limelight..

  5. That's really hard-hitting, Purba. I've never really thought about the story from Indrajith's perspective. Beautifully penned,.


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