Saturday, 4 April 2020

Draupadi (Mythological Monologues #4)

I am the chosen one;
Chosen to be at the receiving end
Of every injustice;
Devoid of a childhood
Despised by my own father
And humiliated by one and all
For no fault of mine
I'm tired of asking why and why. 

I am the chosen one;
Chosen to endure pain and suffering
From the moment I stepped onto this Earth.
I felt blessed to have him as my husband
As I loved him with all my heart and soul
Yet the next moment, 
I was compelled to marry his four brothers 
To save his family from shattering
Due to one mistake of Kunti Ma;
I awaited her blessings with Arjun,
My coy smile unable to conceal my love
I was weaving dreams of a paradise,
But instead of getting blessed, 
Why did my life change to one full of ridicule?

I am the chosen one;
Chosen to have the strongest mind
And self-protect my dignity
Despite having five valiant husbands;
How cruelly they failed me on that fateful day
When I needed them the most!

I am the chosen one;
Chosen to fight various battles 
I may be battered
I may be tired of fighting and losing;
Yet I am fiery and opinionated
Beautiful and compassionate 
Because I have the Lord by my side
As my friend and guide - Govind.
The moment I felt all was lost, 
Govind always came to my rescue
Like spring in the most frozen winter;
He protected my honor,
Saved me from Sage Durvasa's curse
Answered my never-ending questions
Introduced me to my own Self
 Calmed my raging storms
Wiped my fiery tears
Healed my heart 
Liberated my soul. 
Draupadi's existence would have lost all meaning
Without the blissful presence of her Sakha - Govind. 

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: Draupadi is the most important female character in the Hindu Epic, Mahabharat. She was the daughter of King Drupad the wife of the Pandavas, and friend of Lord Krishna. 

Chitrangada (Mythological Monologues #3)


  1. You summed up the various facets and feelings of multidimensional personality Draupadi so well.
    Loved to read this all encompassing, fluid and apt post on Draupadi
    D for Drop Out at

  2. Hari OM
    The complexity of the woman shines through in you take on her, Purba! YAM xx

  3. It felt as if you have entered Draupadi’s soul for this lovely portrayal of her emotions. Just superb

  4. Like Draupati, many of us turn to Lord Krishna in times of need. Beautifully written.
    P.S: I think some of my comments are being held under moderation.

  5. Well written Purba! Draupadi has been chosen indeed. I could feel the anger at her fate through the poem!

  6. True, Draupadi was the chosen one, but she had the strength to bear the trials of life thrown her way. Loved this expression of yours, Purba!

  7. Purba I read your piece twice. It's so beautiful, so deep. Draupadi is someone who resonates with every women of this era. Her pain, her anguish everything is true. We can feel her this way so that we can feel our raging Self once again. Loved your poem, I have saved it to read again.

  8. She is one of my absolute favorite characters from the epic. ow beautifully you've expressed her agony and life in such few words. Amazing!


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