Thursday, 2 April 2020

Chitrangada (Mythological Monologues #3)

I had heard about the magic of love
Umpteen times since childhood,
Yet I never envisioned that
Love will make me forget myself one day.
I - Chitrangada, the warrior princess of Manipur
Who knew nothing more than warfare 
and caring about her kingdom,
Has abandoned her people today, 
Borrowed beauty for a year
From the God of Love
To win the heart of Arjun. 

Yes, I won my beloved's heart 
But lost my purpose and individuality.
In the fear of being rejected by my beloved,
I gave up my identity of the warrior princess
Who did not have mesmerizing eyes
And a fair complexion
To win the heart of mighty Arjun. 

The year of borrowed beauty
Was coming to a close,
People in Manipur were praying
For their warrior princess to return
And save them from enemies. 
I was in a dreadful quandary
Fighting against myself
When my beloved expressed the urge
To meet the famous warrior princess of Manipur. 
"But she doesn't have beautiful eyes,
Neither charm nor moon-like complexion", I said. 
"She is brave, skilled, talented, 
And loved by so many people.
If she were here today,
I would have fought by her side", Arjun replied.

All my dilemma dissolved into thin air.
I gave up my borrowed beauty,
And returned back to the woman that I am.
I restored peace and order in my kingdom,
Freed Manipur from enemies.
My people were rejoicing in my victory,
When Arjun entered the palace. 
I smiled at him confidently,
No longer ashamed of my ordinary looks.
I knew my beloved found me extraordinary
As he asked for my hand in marriage.
A mighty warrior like Arjun
Valued bravery, loyalty, and integrity
Much more than seasonal outer beauty.

©Purba Chakraborty

Note: In the Hindu epic, Mahabharat, Chitrangada is the warrior princess of Manipur, the daughter of King Chitravahana and one of Arjuna's consorts. She had a son named Babhruvahana with Arjuna. 

Bhishma (Mythological Monologues #2)


  1. I personally admire Chitrangada's character. She is an epitome of bravery and grace. Feels sad for her fate, it's a lesson from her tale that never be blind of love. Loved your poem, beautifully penned. Really it's great!

  2. Hari OM
    Purba - you are totally rocking these legends!!! YAM xx

  3. Wonderful. I am learning so much while enjoyed your poetry! Great going Purba:)

  4. I am loving your mythological monologues

  5. What a brilliant choice! I had completely forgotten about this warrior princess.

  6. Wow! The story of the warrior princess is interesting. I wasnt aware of this story. Good to learn something new today. Thanks.

  7. I enjoyed your poem. While I am not familiar with Chitrangad, the message as expressed in your poem is beautiful. Weekends In Maine

  8. Life and story of Chitrangada is a lesson to all the women and girls of this age that its the inner beauty that matters and not the looks.
    Thanks Purba for introducing me to this warrior princess from Maninpur.
    C for Christening at

  9. Skill and talent before beauty, anyday. I'm loving all your poems based on mythology. :)


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