Friday 28 February 2020

Trailer Review: Operation Parindey, a ZEE5 Original film

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When facts blend with fiction, under the direction of a good filmmaker, it results in powerful cinema. Recently, I watched the trailer of Operation Parindey on ZEE5 which left me speechless. Operation Parindey is a ZEE5 Original film that is scheduled to premiere on 7th March 2020.  It is a gripping action thriller based on the true events that occurred in India post-surgical strike. The 55-minute film is a fictional account of one of the most controversial jailbreaks that occurred in the history of India.

Star cast and Direction

Operation Parindey has a promising star cast. Monty Singh, the antagonist is played by the talented Rahul Dev whereas Amit Sadh plays the role of superintendent of police. The movie also stars Ameet Gaur, Rucha Inamdar, Aakash Dahiya, and Kunal Kumar in key roles.

The ZEE5 Original is directed by Sanjay Gadhvi of Dhoom fame. Therefore, the action sequences are very well directed.

Location and Background

The shooting of the movie took place in Nabha City in Punjab. The background score suits the mood of the movie and raises the thrill quotient.

Trailer Review

The trailer of the movie begins with Monty Singh (played by Rahul Dev) telling someone on the telephone: “The Day you decide to sacrifice yourself for your loved ones, that day no one can stop you.” This dialogue sets the mood for the captivating trailer.

The movie is about the jailbreak that occurred in 2016.  A reporter informs that 6 convicts have escaped from Nabha Jail in the morning. We can see the Superintendent of Police (played by Amit Sadh) worried about the fact that Monty Singh, after escaping from jail is planning an attack on India. The entire nation is under threat.

Within 24 hours, the police have to capture Monty Singh. The rest of the trailer shows glimpses of the cat and mouse chase between the police and the convicts. #The24Hourchase is peppered by some mind-blowing action sequences which we can see in the trailer.

The last scene of the trailer leaves the audience thrilled where Monty Singh and the police pass by each other without the police identifying the convict.

As the run time of Operation Parindey is only 55 minutes, the audience can be assured that it will be a fast-paced movie. The audience can expect top-notch performances from the acclaimed actors.

Final Words

If you enjoy watching fast-paced action thrillers based on true events, you will wait for the movie eagerly after watching the trailer. The trailer reveals the premise of the film without giving away any spoilers. Various questions linger after watching the trailer:

How did they plan and execute the prison break?

What was the plan of the convicts after escaping the prison?

Can police catch Monty Singh within 24 hours?

What was the outcome of #The24HourChase?

Watch the trailer of Operation Parindey on ZEE5 right away! The trailer is promising and intriguing. Movie lovers can expect an edge of the seat thriller with unexpected twists and turns. Don’t forget to subscribe to ZEE5 so that you don’t miss the premiere of the movie. 

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