Tuesday 10 September 2019

Learning Literature with Purba : My Youtube Channel

Being an ardent lover of Literature, I always wanted to start my educational YouTube Channel so that I can share my knowledge on English Literature with others. On June, 2019, I qualified UGC NTA NET English in the first attempt with 63.33%. This strengthened my intention to start the channel "Learning Literature with Purba" so that I can help other UGC NET aspirants and students of English Literature.

I did my Bachelors in Microbiology but realized that writing is my calling. I pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing in English to hone my writing skills. After penning down 3 novels, I realized I want to study English Literature to have a better understanding of my craft. 

That was the moment I enrolled myself for a Masters in English course in IGNOU. The beautifully designed study material of IGNOU and my zest for learning helped me in understanding the various literary works, theories, and criticism.

After completing my Masters in 2018, I decided to devote 6 months of my life in studying for UGC NET English so that I can have a better and comprehensive knowledge of English Literature. I decided that when I will qualify for the exam, I will definitely start an education channel so that I can help other aspirants. Being an educator is indeed an enriching and humbling experience. 

The first video on T.S Eliot's "The Waste Land" is live on the channel. A new video will be uploaded every weekend on a literary work/author/literary movement/literary theory/literary device. 

If you are a lover or a student of Literature, do subscribe to my channel for amazing videos every weekend. 


  1. Great job. I liked your presentation of Waste Land.

  2. Congratulations Purba :) Best wishes for your new YouTube channel.

  3. Hari OM
    An interesting and worthy endeavour, Purba! Wishing all the best for it.

    Could I make one suggestion? For sound quality, it might pay to use a microphone for recording (attached to blouse or head-piece), as I wasn't quite able to raise the volume sufficiently for comfortable listening. There will be others like myself who perhaps do not have best hearing or equipment - and that would be a shame as your subject is of great interest! YAM xx

    1. Hari Om.
      Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion and good wishes. I will surely use a microphone for my next videos.

  4. wow... congratulations Purba. Looking forward to your videos every week..

  5. Really an informative article to read. Choosing a niche for your YouTube channel will give your channel more focus and help you find your target audience easier. kenget me te reja 2020

  6. A very good initiative! Wishing you all the best Purba!

  7. It really helps the literary people.


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