Monday 27 May 2019

Movie Review of Jadu Kadai, a ZEE5 Bengali Original

We all get fascinated by tales of magic and wonder. Therefore, when I saw the trailer of Jadu Kadai (magical wok) on ZEE5, I was tempted to watch it right away. Jadu Kadai is a Comedy drama starring popular Bengali actors such as Rahul, Sayani Dutta, Joydip Kundu, and Dipanwita Nath in the lead roles. The 132 minutes long movie has a fresh and refreshing concept.
Plot and Characters
Jadu Kadai tells the story of an ordinary man, Bikram whose life changes magically after he gets a wok endowed with special powers. When the movie starts, we can see Bikram daydreaming about the girl he loves. A timid and under confident man, Bikram has made peace with his mundane 9 to 5 job instead of pursuing his passion for cooking.
One day, Bikram buys an old vintage wok from a mysterious man who claims to be from Bikram’s village, Palashpur. Before leaving, the man warns Bikram not to say about the wok to anyone. It creates suspicions in Bikram’s mind but he soon dismisses it.
We get to see Bikram’s monotonous life from close quarters. A descendant of the zamindars of Palashpur, Bikram stays in a modest apartment with his friend, Timir. He is in love with a PhD scholar, Rupsha who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. According to Rupsha, Bikram is not smart and confident enough to win her heart. Bikram is passionate about cooking and aspires to be a chef. However, he does not have the courage to take a loan for starting his restaurant. Despite being a talented and good person, Bikram lives like a loser and we feel sympathy towards him.
However, Bikram’s life magically changes when he starts cooking in the magical wok. Rupsha falls in love with him and he gets a great offer to start his restaurant from business tycoon, Maganlal. A baffled Bikram embarks on a journey to find out the truth of the wok. He also has to protect the wok from greedy Maganlal who is the main antagonist of the movie.
Pace and Climax
Jadu Kadai picks momentum post interval. The first hour has a few dull moments and can test your patience. However, once Bikram understands the power of the wok, the movie becomes fast-paced and interesting. The last 30 minutes of the movie is filled with nail-biting moments. The climax is gripping and does justice to the plot.
Rahul who essayed the role of Bikram has done complete justice to his role. He effortlessly displayed a wide range of emotions such as fear, confusion, anger, and wonder. Sayani Dutta was pleasant as the confident and well-read Rupsha. Joydip Kundu as Maganlal was pretty good.
Screenplay, Direction and Background Score
The screenplay could have been better especially in the first half of the movie. The direction justified the script. I really enjoyed the background score associated with the wok. It was both funny and mysterious. It reminded me of the fantasy adventure film, Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne.
Final Words
Jadu Kadai revolves around the magical wok and the miracles and problems that occur in Bikram’s life due to the wok. If you enjoy watching fantasy adventure films with dollops of humour, you must watch Jadu Kadai on ZEE5 right away. The innovative and fresh concept will definitely leave a smile on your face.

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