Thursday, 28 February 2019

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

Between the tempest of yesterday
And the amber sun of tomorrow,
I marvel at the rainbow
In my azure sky today. 

Between the catastrophic past
And the glorious future
Is the wisdom of the present-
The truest of all wealth in the world.
I have earned my sagacity
Walking in the labyrinth of heartache.

Between the tears of yesterday
And the laughter of tomorrow
Is the enlightenment of today;
Success and Failure are like Day and Night
One is followed by the other
Two feet stepping forward on the path of life.

Between the bruises of yesterday
And the radiance of tomorrow
Is the strength blossoming in me today;
Each scar has left behind
A note of wisdom
With which I gather my broken pieces
And construct a new monument
That cannot be shaken by an earthquake. 
I am the architecture of my dreams
I am the creator of my future. 

-Purba Chakraborty