Sunday 2 September 2018

Choice: Story 1 of Sunshine and Wildflowers

Trisha woke up in the morning with a serene smile. It was the festival of Janmashtami and she could feel the divine presence of Lord Krishna all around her. The flowers in her garden were blooming with all their vibrancy. The soft breeze soothed the unseen blisters of her heart.

The last few months were like a nightmare. She felt that she was walking amidst the hurricane for hours and yet could not reach her destination. The storm was not raging outside but within Trisha’s mind. It was a ferocious battle not only between the brain and the heart but also between her longing and duty. She had spent long nights struggling to find the answer to her questions. Finally, an unseen power planted courage and determination within her which helped her solve the quandary.

She went to her mother’s room and kissed her on her cheeks. This is how she wakes up her mother every single day after her father passed away a few years back. As she prepared breakfast, her phone beeped.

See you in two hours. I am so happy you finally made a decision.

It was a text from Akash. Trisha and Akash have been in a relationship for 5 years. With a content smile, Trisha replied to the message.

See you soon.

After having breakfast, Trisha got ready and embarked on the most important journey of her life. She reached the café in thirty minutes.

“It’s so good to see you smiling, Trisha. I felt that I lost you in the last few months. But now, my girl is back.” Akash greeted her with a smile.

“You know Akash, it is not heartbreaking when the world does not understand us. It is heartbreaking when we don’t understand ourselves. I was feeling lost as I could not hear my inner voice all these days.” Trisha said as she seated herself on the couch.

“You are great at words. I wonder why you haven’t studied philosophy in college. You are so good at it.” Akash smiled and took Trisha’s hand in his. He gently said, “Let’s get married now.”

“I cannot marry you, Akash. Today, I won’t request you to continue our relationship, unlike other days. You are free to leave me and marry anyone. I will always pray for your happiness.”

“Don’t start this again, Trisha. Can you see me with some other girl? Please be honest.”

“Yes, it will be painful, but I can. The thing I cannot see and tolerate is my mother in a help center for Alzheimer’s patients. As long as she is in this world, she will stay with me. I cannot give her responsibility to paid caregivers. I am a part of her. If I cannot be loyal to my own part, how can I be loyal to you, Akash?”

“But what about your own life, Trisha? You are in your late twenties. You will need a life partner someday who can take care of you.”

“The universe will take care of that, Akash. When you proposed me for marriage in front of your family at the beginning of this year, I was overjoyed. But soon, your parents told me that my mother cannot live with us after marriage. I have to send her to a professional help center for Alzheimer’s patients. You supported your parents, saying I cannot spend my life being a caregiver.”

“I didn’t mean it that way, Trisha.”

“You are not wrong, Akash. The responsibility of being a caregiver is huge. I am not ready to marry and start my own family.”

“You are making a terrible mistake, Trisha. You will pine for children and husband one day. You cannot spend your life alone.”

“Every woman has motherly instincts in her. Right now, my mother is my daughter. So I am already mothering her with my unconditional love.”

Trisha’s answer rendered Akash speechless. She got up from the couch and said with a smile, “I will always cherish our memories, Akash.”

After reaching home, Trisha snuggled up to her mother and cried her heart out. Her mother had a blank look on her face. After a few minutes, she gently lifted her hand and caressed Trisha’s hair. After years, Trisha experienced a drizzle of mother’s affection. It flooded her heart with emotions. At that moment, she knew that she made the right decision, under the supervision of Lord Krishna.

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  1. Hari OM
    Life throws such decisions our way... a poignant story for Janmashtami, Purba! YAM xx

  2. Great story. The feelings of the characters are expressed beautifully.

  3. A tough choice, but I support Trisha in hers. Krishna never disappoints.

  4. That's such a heartwarming post, Purba! The relation between a mother and daughter is something special and you have brought out very well.

  5. This is a beautiful example of taking a leap of faith during times of uncertainty, taking a tough decisive decision and leaving it to the universe. Loved it. Thanks for this tale of love, faith and devotion.

  6. So glad you liked it. Thank you so much.

  7. Purba, such a beautiful story flowing like the tapestry of our emotions and tapping into a human condition in the most sensitive manner. Love this line, it is not heartbreaking when the world does not understand us. It is heartbreaking when we don’t understand ourselves.' I also love how Trisha tells my mother is my daughter. The story with love as one of the theme is something the youth would relate to and wow how you blended both aspects beautiful. Take a bow for you're such an amazing story teller dedicated to the epitome of love Lord Krishna.

  8. I cannot even imagine how it would feel to be in a situation like that. It is even difficult to apprehend. Of course, Trisha did what was right, may be all she needs is a better guy who would understand and things will fall into place.

    A good beginning! :)

  9. Such an enchanting tale!💖The language is lucid and the prose sends out a very enlightening message. Hare Krishna! This tale is achingly moving and very motivating too.

  10. The relation between a parent and a child is an eternal one. You have shed ;light on that fact very beautifully.

  11. Lovely story.
    And your writing is as pleasant as always. :)
    Good luck with the series. :)

  12. Loved your story. When we are a baby our parents take care of us selflessly. Now when it is their turn we should take care of them as it is our duty.

  13. A heart touching story, thanks for sharing

  14. A heart-warming post, looking forward for your other posts this month.

  15. You have beautifully brought out the relationship between a parent and child,Purba :)

  16. Beautiful short story. She made the right choice. Thankfully I have seen men in my family taking care of ailing parents of their wives as much as they took care of their own. A girl should wait for that kind of a man.

  17. Your Trisha took a perfect decision Purba. A difficult one though but I am glad she could take the stand unlike many others. Lovely piece of fiction.

  18. beautiful story, true love never abandons family.
    #MyFriendAlexa #literarylehareads

  19. lovely interpretation of the pure relationship of parent and cild.


  20. I loved how real the protagonist is! Her emotions are raw and her decisions are made with praticality and love. I wish ew all had it in us to do this. I wanted to read this post before reading the current post <3 Loved reding this

  21. I love reading this post, very interesting write up. Love the beautiful bond shared between mother and daughter

    #MyFriendAlexa #zenithbuzzreads

  22. What a beautiful story and so well crafted.. I had tears in my eyes

  23. Superb story. You build it really well. Parents come before everything and everyone in this world. Good start
    Will check out other parts soon.

  24. Alzheimer awareness and care is not an oft discussed topic in our country. Good job spotlighting it in a fiction post.


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