Thursday, 3 May 2018

Reflecting on the April A to Z challenge 2018

This was the first time I took part in the A to Z challenge, despite blogging regularly since 2014. Blogging regularly for a month apart from the 4 Sundays seemed like a daunting task for me. Therefore, I couldn't manage to gather the courage to take part in this challenge. 

Last year, I really wanted to take part in the challenge, but I lost a family member in the month of April, which left me shattered. My novel "Canvas of a Mind" released in July 2017 but I couldn't indulge in creative writing. My blogging frequency also decreased. I was only writing sponsored posts and working on my content writing assignments. 

My resolution in 2018

My resolution in 2018 was to indulge in more creative writing. Therefore, I decided to take part in the A to Z challenge in April and try something that I have never done. Although I have published a poetry book and my poems are a part of many anthologies, I have never tried various forms of poetry. Therefore, I decided to try 26 poetry forms for the A to Z challenge. 

Why Letters from the Soul?

I wanted to write poems that carry a positive message. Personally, I was going through a very difficult time, coping with the loss of my grandmother and mother. I was feeling very melancholic and broken. It would have been much easier for me to pen down sad poems. 

But I thought if my soul and my guardian angels could tell me something, what would they say? They would surely inspire me and tell me to live life in the most beautiful manner, despite losses and sadness. I could recall the lyrics of one of my favorite retro songs ~ "Zindagi pyar ka geet hai ise har dil ko gaana padega...zindagi gham ka saagar bhi hai hanske us paar jana padega."

Therefore, I tried to capture a positive message in all my poems for the A to Z challenge. And that's when the title "Letters from the Soul" came to my mind. 


I started the series with the haibun Alone ~ All one with the universe and ended it with Zen Meditation, a Trinet poem. There were days when I struggled to think about what I should write. Even if I had something on my mind, it was challenging to present my thoughts under the syllable restrictions and the particular rhyme pattern. 

I explored various forms of poetry, both traditional and invented ones. I read a lot of poems. And finally, when I could succeed in trying a new poetry form effectively every day, it boosted my creativity and confidence.

It was a month of immense learning and growing as a poet. Although there were rough days which made me panic, my subconscious mind helped me in staying creatively active. 


I feel an immense satisfaction in completing the A to Z challenge successfully. Despite hectic work deadlines, ill health, and personal problems, I could complete it. 

At first, I have to thank Blogchatter for making #BlogchatterA2Z so much fun. I loved the secret activities and meeting so many new bloggers through their platform. The motivation that they provided for completing the A to Z challenge is incomparable. 

My family and friends for supporting me throughout April. A big thank you to Papa, Priyam, Abhishek, Triyas for being my pillars of strength always. 

Thanks to my blogger friend, Anmol for giving me valuable tips and suggestions to survive A to Z challenge. And also for reading and commenting on all my posts.

Next, I want to thank my fellow A to Z participants who visited my blog regularly and supported me in this journey ~ Yamini, Roma, Neha, Shilpa, Namratha, Priya, Ashwini, Rohan, Kalpana, Shweta, Medha, Sayanti, Deepa, Seema, Sudha, Tina, Amit and many others. (pardon me if I have missed anyone). Each of your comments gave me the much-needed motivation to carry on with the challenge. 

What next?

Next, I will be working on my eBook named "Letters from the soul" where obviously the 26 poems that I have written during the A to Z challenge will be included. Apart from the 26 poems, there will be quotes and musings in the eBook. I am super excited to start working on it. 

Heartfelt thanks to all my readers for being with me and my blog. 
Love, Laugh and Reflect became 4 years old on 29th April 2018 and the eBook "Letters from the soul" will be my birthday gift to my blog. 


  1. Hari om
    Purba, your poems delighted, moved, surprised and warmed was joy to visit your every post! Much love. YAM XX

    1. Thank you so much, Yamini for all the love and support <3

  2. Thank you for teaching us about various types of poems. I confess, I knew of two — those that rhyme and those that don't. :-)

  3. Ah, I can read my name :D Thank you so much <3
    I'm really glad you pulled it off and it's such a big achievement! Congrats and I'll be one of the first buyers of the book!

  4. Thanks Purba for the mention. Congrats on completing the challenge. I thought it would be nice to get to know you better...which is why I have nominated you for the ‘Mysterious Blogger Award’. Visit my blog to know more:


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