Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Violet Sky: Monorhyme (Letters from the Soul #22)

The hour of change is like the violet twilight sky
Explosion of shifting colours that can beautify
your life amid some uncertainty and goodbye;
The ride can seem turbulent and might terrify
But aren't you born to wear your wings and fly
from the cage of monotony that makes you cry?
Dawn and dusk lends you the magic eye
To recognize change as a divine lanternfly
That will illuminate your path as you walk by.

© Purba Chakraborty 

Note: This is a monorhyme poem. It is a very simple poetry form where all the lines have the same end rhyme. 


  1. True, we can learn so much from the sky and its ever-changing hues. Inspiring read, Purba!

  2. Hari OM
    Purba, I am in awe of your poetry skillz! YAM xx

  3. But aren’t you born to wear your wings and fly, how beautiful and how challenging simultaneously. Some times I just feel like drowning in your poetic compositions ♥️

  4. Vivid hues that are now etched in my memory forever...:)

  5. Beautiful and a powerful composition!

  6. Lovely and I loved the rhymes. I always love the rhymes. It just makes poetry more beautiful. I feel like I can sing it in my bad voice in my mind. And again, a great message! I have been noticing that you have a great sense of metaphors or they do tag along in what you write knowingly or unknowingly, or may be I just try to find some hidden meaning in everything. Anyhow, beautiful!


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