Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Ode to Misfits (Letters from the Soul #15)

Color outside the dark lines
Discover shapes formed by clouds
Refuse to believe in dogmas 
Write a story of your own.
Let them judge and criticize you
Don't abide by their rules;
In a world full of rhymes
You are a three-line haiku
Understood by only a few
Born to stand out; not to fit in.

Read books that are seldom read
Travel to places less explored
Take refuge in the awning of art
Speak the truth that's been buried.
Know the rules by heart
So that you can bend them;
In a world of pop and hip-hop
You are a classic retro
Everyone should hear your echo
Born to stand out; not to fit in.

Sing and dance on the streets
Laugh and cry, shedding every inhibition
Fly with the wings of your expression
From the stifling cage of the society;
Let them ridicule and taunt you
Wear the badge of a rebel with pride
In a world of emails and text messages,
You are a scented, handwritten letter
That everyone will remember
Born to stand out; not to fit in.

© Purba Chakraborty 

Note:  An ode is a poem that praises or glorifies a person, thing or place. The word 'ode' comes from the Greek word "aeidein" which means to sing or chant. This is a type of lyric poetry which was widely used by Romantic poets to convey their strongest emotions and sentiments. Rhyming is optional and its stanza forms vary. 


  1. Aah! Write a story of your own, how I loved each line dear. Truly we connect in many ways and on many things my dear ♥️

  2. Hari OM
    Outstanding offering to one who stands out! YAM xx

  3. Absolutely loved this one Purba. "In a world of emails and text messages, you are a scented, handwritten letter." Such lovely imagery. Beautifully done.

  4. This one is definitely one of your best Purba. I totally wish I had written this!

  5. Powerful and so amazingly well written :)
    The line that I just had to reread: "In a world of emails and text messages, you are a scented, handwritten letter." :)

    Beautiful and encouraging!

  6. fly with the wings of your expression from the stifling cage of society - what a wonderful poem

  7. Well written! Beautiful! Great use of metaphors to describe such simple things and correlate them to our own lives.

  8. Love its simplicity and cuteness!

  9. Totally agree, Purba!
    There's a quote that is- 'Why fit in when you were born to stand out!'

  10. Superb Lines, Superb Expression!! Too Good Purba. Loved it :)

  11. I'm saving this one - it's beautiful. And I will revel in my misfittedness :-)

  12. The boldness that we all need to possess I say. This one teaches us a lot if we are willing to learn.


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