Saturday 7 April 2018

Glass Ceiling: A Carpe Diem poem (Letters from the soul #7)

Break free from the golden cage
Write poetry with the ink of your rage
The hefty chains of yesterday
Are the ropes to climb higher today;
Seize the day
Today is your time to say
Break the glass ceiling
That is how there will be healing.

Time is running out
Discard the prejudices and doubt
You're not just a pretty picture
To embellish that diamond frame;
Seize the day
Don't let oppression be the way
Break the glass ceiling
Speak up without fearing!

Call the artists and the rebels
Sing the anthem of unity
The word 'feminism' is not dirty
It's unfiltered, bold and about liberty.
Seize the day
Today is your time to slay
Break the glass ceiling
Equality is all that we're seeking.

© Purba Chakraborty 

Note: This is a Carpe diem poem. Carpe diem poems are poems about making the most out of life. The phrase 'Carpe diem' came from the Latin poem by Horace and is loosely translated as seize the day/pluck the day. The tone of the poem is inspirational. It can be written in any style. A carpe diem poem is not about rhyme and meter, but about the content. 


  1. O what flow of emotions Purba, I just love the way a Carpe diem poem creates an impact. Like I always say darling, leaving enriched ♥️

  2. I love the effect words Carpe Diem has given to the poem. Beautiful and inspiring poem, Purba.

  3. It's an amazing poem, Purba. Touched by your words.
    Sayanti from

  4. Wow - you are so creative Purba. Amazing poem

  5. This is powerful and refreshing in its own way :) There's so much said in this poem :)

  6. This word Carpe Diem reminds me of "dead poets society' since I first heard this word in that movie and how beautifully he explains the meaning of this word. Very well written, truly inspiring and fit to be a carpe diem!


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