Friday, 23 March 2018 ~ A Whatsapp Marketing Platform everyone is talking about

Whatsapp is a great platform for communicating with your potential customers. This is the reason why brands are taking Whatsapp marketing seriously. With 200 million Whatsapp users in India and 98% message open rate, it cannot be debated that Whatsapp is the most engaging marketing platform. If you want your website, videos, services or products to reach plenty of people, you should definitely try Whatsapp marketing.

What is YesMobo?

If you want to drive organic traffic towards your website, you need to check out YesMobo which is an amazing self-manage, cost per click Whatsapp marketing platform. YesMobo lets you get your website in front of millions of Whatsapp users in India. You only need to pay when someone clicks the advertisement and visits your website or landing page.

How does YesMobo works?

·         You need to visit and sign up for an advertiser’s account. You will be delighted to know that YesMobo gives its users free 100 credits on signing up.
·         Now, sign in and create a campaign. You can find a campaign page where you can create your advertisement. Enter your campaign name and budget. As you already have 100 credits, you can run your first campaign for free.
·         Now, create the ad. Upload a catchy title and ad picture. In the ad description, flaunt your marketing skills so that the users get tempted to click the landing page URL. You need to market your product or website in such a way that your ad gets viral.
·         YesMobo will review your ad and once it gets approved, it will be LIVE on the YesMobo App where the users of YesMobo can share it with their friends and relatives on Whatsapp.
·         Whenever a person will click your ad and visit your landing page, Rs.1 will be deducted from your balance and will be credited in the wallet of the user who has shared it.

Try YesMobo to promote your brand!

Thus, you can see that with YesMobo, Whatsapp marketing is not only easy and beneficial, but also very affordable. Create an account in YesMobo right away for marketing your products and for promoting your brand.

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