Friday, 10 November 2017

A Letter to Broken Promises

To Broken Promises, 

There was a time when I believed that promises are meant to be kept. I was under the impression that when people promise something, they do it with the kernel of their existence. They mean every word they say with the intention of retaining it. I believed human beings are defined by the promises they make and keep. 

It has been only a few years when I realized that promises are nothing but shallow words, said in order to fool or extract something from you. They are governed by the fickleness of the human mind and they have nothing to do with the human heart. Once the realization dawned on me, I could count the number of broken promises and strangely, feel no resentment towards the people who broke them. 

Something that is governed by the mind, has no chance of permanence. Isn't it? And so, my dear broken promises, I hold no bitterness towards you. You made me comprehend why memories always weigh more than promises. Although this is not a letter to memories, I must tell you that had you not been there, human beings wouldn't have clung to their suitcase of memories like a homeless person who has lost everything in a calamity. 

Being a writer, I deal with words every single day. I play and romance with words when I am putting them on paper. But while talking to a person, I take care not to use words frivolously. I believe if you truly love and care for someone, there won't be the need of making promises vocally. You can do that in your heart and try your best to keep it. 

Dear broken promises, you taught me to use words in all conscience. You taught me to look beyond words and peep into the intentions concealed beneath the words. You helped me understand that some things break, not because they are fragile, but because they are already broken from the first minute, the only difference is that the cracks have been cleverly camouflaged. 

And finally, it's because of you I believe in living in the moment. Just like seasonal changes, human intentions keep changing and with that, the promises they had made once. I would never let you take the life out of me; instead, I would let good memories fill the hole that you puncture in my heart. 

Thank you for making me wiser, stronger and more compassionate!


A girl who no longer believes in promises

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  1. Beautifully written Purba!
    "...I must tell you that had you not been there, human beings wouldn't have clung to their suitcase of memories like a homeless person who has lost everything in a calamity."
    Loved it all :)

  2. Very beautifully penned down. We often overlook the promises we make once we've got what we wanted. Some nice words, some great wisdom and understanding.

  3. If only there was a like button which I could press.. Very well written and truly meaningful..

  4. It is through broken promises that we learn whom not to trust. Your post brings home a very unpleasant side of human nature.

  5. Today the meaning of promise is really going different, goes commercialization. A eye opening post

  6. I love writing letters. Like rules are made to be broke, likewise promises too. I too no longer hold onto the words kept in those promises. Rightly said, seasons change, people change, promises are left behind.

  7. I love the point you make that if people meant every word they said, there wouldn't be the need of making a promise in the first place.


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