Sunday 29 October 2017

Here’s how Cashify helped Rhea arrange our reunion party!

My school friend, Rhea invited me and several other friends of our 2008 ISC batch to a grand reunion party at her house this month. She stays in Mumbai and we met after about four years. The party was amazing and all of us enjoyed to the fullest. I couldn’t believe that Rhea had thrown such a grand reunion party for all of us. 

“Thanks for the party, Rhea. It was so generous of you to spend so much from your hard earned money for arranging this party.” I said before leaving her house.

“Nothing like that! There was an old Samsung smartphone of mine that was rotting in this house. I got my hands on the phone and voila! I arranged this party.” Rhea said with twinkling eyes.

“What are you talking about? You managed to get enough money by selling off your old smartphone. I can’t believe it.” 

“All thanks to Cashify!” Rhea beamed.

“Now, what is Cashify? I tried to sell off my old phone so many times, but the deals are so bad that I wish to donate it someday.” I muttered.

“Okay. Let me share with you my story!” Rhea said.

Rhea: “It was a beautiful autumn evening
When I was busy with house cleaning;
It was then I noticed my old Samsung phone
Abandoned by all, to a corner it was thrown;
The phone was in a good condition
Selling it off became my mission;
I planned to throw a grand reunion party
If I have some cash handy.”

Me: “Wow! Then, how did you try to sell it?

Rhea: “I posted a status on my social media sites
Mentioning about the phone and its highlights;
But no one seemed interested
I could see my plan getting canceled.
That was when a guy messaged me
His interest in the phone brought some positivity;
I decided to meet him the next day
Without wasting any time at the nearby café."

Me: “What happened when you met him?”

Rhea: “He looked decent and I was hopeful
I wish I had been careful;
We exchanged pleasantries and I showed him the phone
He looked at it and told me I seemed very familiar and known;
I smiled without knowing what to say
He said he was interested in buying the phone that very day;
I was overjoyed and thanked him
When he asked me out for dinner with him;
I left the café, visibly upset
Denying his offer and request."

Me: (Laughing) "That was hilarious! What did you do next?"

Rhea: “I decided I have to forget
My plans of selling off the phone via internet;
Luckily, I met my cousin that evening
Everything changed after that meeting;
She introduced me to Cashify
The ideal destination where people can sell and buy;
I selected my device and got the best device price
Cashify arranged a free pickup after I accepted the price.”

Me: "Wow! This sounds so cool. I haven’t heard of such a useful website where you can sell off your old smartphone so easily. So, did you get paid finally?”

Rhea: “Instant Cash was handed to me
At the time of pickup which was free;
I was delighted when I got the cash
I arranged the reunion party in a flash;
You must check out Cashify to believe my story
It will make you happy and let you never worry
#CleanUpCashOut with Cashify
To all your smartphone selling woes, now say goodbye!”

After hearing how Cashify helped Rhea arrange our reunion party, I couldn’t resist myself from checking out this website. It is so simple selling off your old gadgets on Cashify. You just need to select what you want to sell. If it is a mobile phone, you have to first select your device. 

After selecting your device, you need to answer a few, simple questions. You need to state if it is possible to make and receive calls from your mobile phone. Then, you have to carefully choose the functional or physical problems of the cell phone to get the accurate price. Next, you have to select the accessories of the phone that are available. Finally, you have to select the mobile age and choose the appropriate condition of your phone from the list given.

You will get the device price as soon as you answer these simple questions. Thanks to Rhea, I could also sell off my old phone through Cashify at a decent price. So, what are you waiting for? I am sure you too must have a few gadgets languishing in your house that is just adding up to the clutter. Go to Cashify right away and sell off your old gadgets. Use the coupon (CLEANCASH) to get additional 250 INR on the sale of your gadget. Doesn't it sound perfect?

#CleanUpCashOut with Cashify this season!

No hassles, no woes!
Say hello to Cashify and goodbye to all your worries!

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  1. Very nice.In the post, you have exposed one more talent that of drawing. Way to go!

  2. Creativity at it's best!


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