Tuesday 8 August 2017

Canvas of a Mind : Kalimpong Diaries #2

In my latest novel, "Canvas of a Mind", the backdrop plays a very crucial role. The psychological mystery novel is set against the backdrop of Kalimpong, a remote hill station in West Bengal. It traces the lives of two sisters, Akashi and Ipsha and how their lives change when a stranger mysteriously appears in the town and starts stalking the younger sister desperately.

In Canvas of a Mind: Kalimpong Diaries #1, I shared about the beautiful Kalimpong golf course where one of the most important scenes of the novel takes place. In this post, I am going to talk about another beautiful place of Kalimpong, the Deolo Hill which I have captured in the novel. 

Kalimpong is situated on a ridge that connects the two hills, Deolo and Durpin. Deolo is the highest point of Kalimpong town that attracts plenty of tourists. It is also renowned for paragliding. 

I went to Kalimpong in 2015 with the rough idea of "Canvas of a Mind". Spending half a day in Deolo helped me visualize my characters there. 

The turning point of Canvas of a mind takes place here in the form of a catastrophe, which changes the lives of Ipsha and Akashi. When you will read the novel, you can surely relate. 

When I was writing the scene, I could easily visualize my characters in this beautiful place. Since childhood, I had read so many mysteries and thrillers of Satyajit Ray and Ruskin Bond, set against the backdrop of hills. I have noticed that hills beautify and intensify mysteries in such a beautiful manner.

When I was trying to do the same with Canvas of a Mind, I absolutely enjoyed the process. It was wonderful observing how the hills of Kalimpong helped me develop the story. 

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  1. Kalimpong hill station looks so beautiful- Must be perfect setting for the kind of novel you have written... Wishing you all the best Purba!

  2. Loved your beautiful post.Thanks for all pics from Kalimpong.
    Best wishes for #Canvasofamind

  3. Hills do add a unique charm to stories.

  4. Very beautiful and scenic place.

  5. True, hills make a great locale for all kinds of stories. I have to read your book, now. :)
    Let me try my luck at the raffle, now. :)

  6. Beautiful place. Nice work by choosing, and visiting it to be able to bring the characters to life.

  7. It's a lovely place. Been there in 1996. Kudos on your novel.

  8. Congrats for the book. Glad that you shared that Kalimpong set the stage to inspire the novel and characters. Places can do such wonder to our soul where our imagination reaches a crescent high, Purba.

  9. Such a scenic spot Kalimpong is dear... Aptly suits your novel :)

  10. Please continue this great work and I forward to more of your awesome blog posts.

    step and repeat backdrop

  11. such a quaint little hill station. Someday I will visit....along with Darjeeling!


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