Thursday 27 July 2017

Yajnaseni Draupadi

I am the chosen one;
Chosen to be at the receiving end
Of every injustice.
Devoid of a childhood,
Despised by my own father
And humiliated by one and all
For no fault of mine
I'm tired of asking why and why.

I am the chosen one;
Chosen to endure pain and suffering
From the moment I stepped onto this earth
I loved him dearly,
But had to marry five men
To save his family from shattering
Due to one mistake by Kunti Ma
I awaited her blessings with Arjun,
My coy smile unable to conceal my love;
I was weaving dreams of a paradise,
But instead of blessings,
Why did my life change to one full of ridicule?

I am the chosen one;
Chosen to have the strongest mind
And self-protect my honor
Despite having five valiant husbands.
How cruelly they failed me on that fateful day
When I needed them the most!
I may be battered,
I may be tired of fighting
Yet, I am fiery and opinionated
Beautiful and compassionate,
Because I have the Lord by my side
As my friend, Govind.

-Purba Chakraborty 

This is a persona poem, a form that I recently started enjoying a lot while pursuing an online poetry and play writing course from the University of Iowa. I chose the character of Draupadi and gave her a voice as I find Draupadi as one of the most fascinating characters in Indian mythology. 

Note: Draupadi is one of the most important female characters in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. According to the epic, she is the daughter of Drupada, King of Panchala and is married to the five Pandavas. You can know more about her here.

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  1. Intense poem, but the essence is wonderfully played out. I was imagining her suffering as I read through!

  2. Great. You really fathomed the depths of that epic character.

  3. Transcendentalism and thunder ful words.
    Try to write the other way of her persona!

    I will inbox you the other way of her persona by today EOD if possible!

  4. Beautifully written. Very intense. Certainly, the character of Draupadi had to endure quite much for no mistake of her.

  5. A touching and heart-wrenching piece Purba. You really weaved her trauma in the most thought-provoking way.

  6. Wow. All the lines that you have shared are perfect written and show a deep thought inside these. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Bolo sakhi :)

  8. I loved how powerfully you have described the fate of Draupadi. She is definitely one of the most strong headed characters in the mythology.

  9. Lovely poem :)
    Sometimes, it is so difficult as the chosen one.

  10. I could feel that intense pain and suffering projected here... very deep and beautifully composed dear


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