Monday 5 June 2017

The Back Scattered Memories

Sometimes I wonder if memories drown us into the sea of pain or help us stay afloat in life. I guess it all depends on the way we treat those memories.

Haplessly longing for those moments to occur again in our lives can only make us melancholic, whereas cherishing those memories and feeling blessed that we could experience such good times in this lifetime can calm our hearts. After all, moments, the incredibly good ones are destined to be memories and such memories are destined to reside in our hearts. Dr. Seuss has rightly said, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

We, writers, have an advantage as we can write about those memories in a journal or blog. We can relive those moments in retrospect and make them come alive once again through words. Writing may not completely alleviate the pain, but it often helps us make sense of the chaos in our mind.  


  1. Beautiful poem, Purba! Writing does help us put memories in the proper perspective. Lovely post :)

  2. Writing is therapeutic. Memories too can be therapeutic especially for a writer. Loved the way you dealt with the idea.

  3. Well, like everything else in our life. The role of memories is just as we make it. Lovely poem. And, very correctly, pointed out that if we cherish memories, they are a blessing, and if we crave for them to repeat, we become melancholic.

  4. It also depends on how we perceive the past. Stucking with the bad memories of past may hamper the coming future. We should cherish the moment what we are living, either good or bad they are part of life... :-)

    The poem is awesome and yes writers have added advantage of preserving the memories in the form of our writing... very well written... liked it... :-)

  5. Such a beautiful thought-provoking poem dear. Loved your stance on memories. Lovely it is :')


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