Friday 26 May 2017

Azure or Grey: The two opposite colors of life

The beautiful, azure butterfly
Frisky and agile
Flutters over the bougainvillea tree
Oblivious of the gloom around.

The grey, cloudy sky
Which was beautifully blue 
Some time back,
Threatens to breakdown anytime. 

Sitting on the rusty bench,
She silently observes both:
The azure butterfly 
and the grey sky
The two opposite colors of life
In the presence of one, 
we forget the other. 

Her heart was once 
an azure butterfly
Today, it is like the grey sky
Achromatic and burdened
With the weight of her tears
That threatens 
of a relentless downpour.

As the blanket of thoughts 
wrap her tight,
The azure butterfly come flying,
Sits on her hand, 
wait for a few seconds and go away
Perhaps, letting her know
'This too shall pass'. 

-Purba Chakraborty

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  1. Nice way to end on a positive note. I was thinking initially if she could derive any optimism out of any of the two ☺️

  2. Beautiful poem, Purba. Nothing lasts forever in life...everything is just fugacious... be it the azure butterfly or the grey sky... :-)

  3. Butterfly's colour and the reality's contrast... great

  4. Simply wonderful ! Touching ! Impressive ! Inspiring ! And what not ?

  5. Simply wonderful ! Touching ! Impressive ! Inspiring ! And what not ?

  6. I quite firmly believe in 'this too shall pass!' Both the azure and grey!

  7. Very well written. Life has many colors and the colors are transient in nature. With time we just learn how to adapt and live in all the phases.

    There is so much in the nature which we can learn, really like the way you weave the poems.

  8. It's beautiful and touched the deepest corners of my heart dearie... could read a lot more between the lines and it sure was very profound💖

  9. I hope the colour returns to you - a wonderfully vivid poem

  10. The butterfly only lives for the season then dies but we have a chance year after year to find happiness.

  11. In the presence of one,
    we forget the other. ... like that!

  12. luv your butterfly beautiful yet fleeting

    Thanks foe dropping in at my Sunday Standard today Purba

    much love...

  13. The presence of color and it's lack seeking balance and peace... well done ...bkm

  14. It's amazing how a small thing like a butterfly can inspire us to reconnect with hope.

  15. This is absolutely lovely - the inherent contrast of "it" all "achromatic and burdened"

  16. azure butterfly and grey cloud are two wonderful images of life but the knowledge gained at the end is the most important one...a beautiful poem Purba...

  17. Nice comparison of moods, and leaves us with a positive thought. Well done!

  18. I love the butterfly's message of hope, perhaps sent by a loved one to reassure her of the soul's presence, which is eternal. I am so sorry about your grandmother, Purba. I know how much you love her and will miss her. She so adored you!

  19. Oh, this one is so wise, Purba. Like your poem's peaceful observing mode.

  20. Perhaps you speak of sadness? When you speak of the "gray," and it will lift one day, go away, and we will all be blue butterflies!

  21. I really think that we look carefully enough there will a splash of color in the gray... really liked the hope in the end.

  22. I like how you associate color with emotion here, Purba. Beautifully done.

  23. love the contrast, and yes eventually everything must pass

  24. I love the intermingling of azure and grey in this. 'azure' - I think - is one of the most beautiful words in the English language and I find my pen placing it before my eyes, often, when I write. A lovely emotive, and heartening, piece of writing.

  25. I like how you used the colors and brought the thoughts so beautifully...and the positive end!

  26. Beautifully and simply written. Really liked your words.

  27. Very deep and meaningful, Purba. I like the way you communicate with your subconscious mind. You said in The Hidden Letters that mourning for inevitable wouldn’t change anything, and here, “This too shall pass.”

    You rightly said that life is composed of the two opposite colors and in the presence of one, we forget the other, like you said, “Death is like a beautiful woman who always walk by our side, waiting to hug us. Neither can we see this woman, nor does she listen to our pleadings ever. She is governed by her own wills and whims.”

    Very few persons could see death poetically and you are one of them. Your comparison of death with a beautiful woman always reminds me of Gulzar’s “Maut tu ek kavita milegi mujhko” from the movie Anand. God bless you, dear!

  28. A good optimistic poem... liked it... :-)


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