Saturday, 1 April 2017

Unleash the storyteller in you via Sweek

Being a writer and a bibliophile, the apps that are dedicated to writers and readers always catch my interest. I came across Sweek on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I was going through some new Apps on the Playstore. The tagline of Sweek is: Stories never end! I must say that this tagline tempted me to download the App and check it out.

Sweek is a free, online platform for reading, writing and sharing stories all over the world instantly. It is an ideal destination for a person who considers himself/herself both a reader and a writer. The App is very user-friendly and has some interesting features.

Sweek : A great platform for budding writers

You need to create an account in Sweek, so that you can explore the stories and start writing your own story. You can write multiple stories and manage them easily on your dashboard. 

To start a new story, you have to mention the story title, write a short description on what the story is about and upload a cover image. Once you finish doing these steps, your story will be visible on the New Stories section on the App. Then, you have to write the first chapter. You can add as many chapters as you want. You don’t need to write all the chapters in a day or a week. You can update your story monthly, weekly or daily, according to your wish.

If you ever harbored a wish of writing a story serially, you will absolutely love Sweek. Bloggers who enjoy writing blog series can also try Sweek for a larger readership. 

When your story will become popular, it can be seen in the Popular or Featured section of the App. The users of Sweek do not hesitate to drop their honest feedback. So, if they like your story, you will surely receive comments on your story.

Sweek: A relaxing place for readers

There is a wide range of classics available on Sweek. You can read the evergreen classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, A Tale of Two cities, etc. You can explore the numerous classics and read them at any hour of the day. 

If you want to read some new stories, you can check out the featured and popular section of Sweek where you can find some interesting stories written by writers from all over the world. If you are fond of any particular genre, you can search for stories of that genre in the categories section.

The stories of Sweek are categorized into Action & Adventure, Arts & Culture, Biographies, Religion & Spirituality, Chicklit, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction etc. 

Sweek is a perfect hub for writers and readers. Now, read and write to your heart’s content on your phone. Don’t keep those stories locked within you. Share them with the world through Sweek and enjoy honest feedback on your work. Unleash the storyteller in you today!

You can download the Sweek App on Android and iOS. 

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  1. Looks like a great app for readers and writers. Will check it out soon.

    1. Yes it is a nice app especially for aspiring writers :)

  2. इतने उपयोगी एप के बारे में जानकारी देने के लिए धन्यवाद।

  3. Wow! Such a cool platform for budding writers! Will surely spread the word dear :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Happy to know about them...might come in handy some day ☺️

  5. Thanks for giving such detailed info about the app. definitely will try it.

  6. Interesting platform for story writers.

  7. Thank you for sharing this. Looks interesting. Will check out some time.. :-)

  8. Didn't know about the app. Will definitely give a try. Thanks, Purba, for sharing :)

  9. Even I like Sweek...I often take part in the contests hosted on Sweek.

  10. Nice to hear about sweek. Sounds like a great idea. :)

  11. its amazing to visit your blog first time your blog is amazing


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