Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Dear beautiful women, let your soul shine bright!

Most of my stories and poems are inspired by the women that I see regularly around me. Today’s women know their mind and are aware of their rights. They know the world is as much theirs as it is of men. They are aware of their talent, intelligence, and potential. At the same time, they are proud of having a loving heart and a compassionate soul.

I get inspired when I see a woman raising her voice against any injustice taking place with her or around her. I feel proud when I see women empowering each other. To all the wonderful women achievers, whether women filmmakers, writers, artists, doctors or lawyers, I salute you for bringing your authentic self to this world.

And to all the unsung women who are fighting their battles to fulfill their dreams, I salute you for your courage and resilience.

I feel blessed to be a woman because a woman is a nurturer, lover and fighter rolled into one. The best thing is that today, we have got the world listening to what we are saying. Therefore, we should take control of our lives and do something beautiful that we can be proud of. 

Dear beautiful women,

Let's make a promise this Women's Day to honor our individuality and identity.
Let's not give a single soul the power to dim our light and remove that smile from our face. Let's take pride in our little quirks, loud giggles, overwhelming emotions and the sweet imperfections. Because they make us who we are.

Let's uplift women who are less privileged than us and get inspired by the ones who live life on their own terms.

Let kindness be our lyrics and love be our music as we, women, have the capability to love unconditionally. Let's promise to never compromise on our individuality and beliefs because the world needs our light, our authentic self.

Let your soul shine brighter than ever. Happy Women's Day!


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  1. Lovely post. I liked 'let's uplift women who are less privileged than us and get inspired by the ones who live life on their own terms.'

  2. A perfect message :) Happy women's day to you!

  3. What a beautiful message for all the women dear.. hope you had a great Women's day! :)

  4. Wonderful message! Greetings to you too!

  5. Beautiful! Just like the wise and sweet writeress herself!
    PS. I liked these candid shots of yours, Purba.. your inner child leaps out in these! :)

  6. And how did I missed such a lovely post.with such an ease you wrote such a powerful post Purba.It would be so much better if we uplift and support rather than you know suppressing other women..

  7. Happy women Day. We must celebrate the different facets of the woman in all her forms.

    A book review on women's Day:

  8. Wonderful message love and I shall surely apply every ounce of it <3 Happy Women's Day to you :)

  9. Powerful words, Purba. I so want the same things to happen with us... :-) Amen to women power...

  10. Great post Purba! There's a lot to be done for the women, even now!

  11. We know what we are, what we want, and what we need to do. We are neither ashamed of our faults, not take unnecessary pride in our achievements. We believe in fairness, that's it. Powerful and hard-hitting post.

  12. How did I miss this gorgeous piece!


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