Sunday 12 February 2017

The Dried Rose

The dried, dark rose
Concealed within the pages of my diary
Whispers countless words
On a full moon night
When the heart is soaked in love
And chained by memories. 

Those are the words 
That were left unsaid
Like an unsolved puzzle,
An incomplete play,
Or a beautiful portrait
Left half-colored midway.
You perhaps wanted me to solve it,
But I was no master at the craft
I was too naive for mind games.

Dawn arrives with a new hope
The neglected, dried rose
Sigh at an incomplete story;
I quietly close the diary
Unchain my heart from the memories
And get back to reality.

-Purba Chakraborty

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  1. "Unchain my heart from the memories"---ooh, that is sometimes easier said than done, isn't it?

  2. Whistles!!❤️💖This is absolutely stunning, Purba😘both in words and images. I can feel the wistfulness and longing, so palpable especially in these lines; "Dawn arrives with a new hope, the neglected, dried rose sigh at an incomplete story." Though some love stories end badly, there is always hope that love will bloom again stronger than ever before. Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support❤️💖

    PS: A hearty congratulations on your new book!❤️Its absolutely to die for!❤️
    sigh.. may you write several books in the years to come. Cheers!🍸

    Lots of love,

  3. ..."chained by memories"...."incomplete story" ... A lovely poem filled with memorable phrases. Applause from my corner!

  4. Too many memories... are left like those. But sometimes even a dried rose will bud again.

  5. Beautiful!! I think we all have those unsaid words that we wonder if we should have said when we had the opportunity.

  6. In love, there is only now. Let memories do what they are for, and not more. Live now, love again, more. Beautifull write

  7. Beautifully penned, Purba. Just like true love, it has a flavour of its own...the memories, the dry petals...all are concocted to bring up a perfect love poem... :-)

  8. I like the way you connect the first and last verses with "chained/unchained" lovely poem

  9. I think it is always good to fantasize by putting yourself as the character in a novel or imagining being on a deserted beach, even seeing a half finished crossword and picturing that person too. Then writing poetry or prose comes easy. Beautifully written Purba.

  10. Each stanza so beautiful... loved every bit of this composition!

  11. Simply loved reading and re-reading every line. Apt metaphors for the evocative feelings of a puzzle left unsolved.

  12. The dried roses have there own story.. I have few which reminds me about the love , the memories gone by.yet again beautifully penned.

  13. Unchain my heart from the memories
    And get back to reality

    Famous last words! Yes, there may be the hurtful decision not to be hankered by memories best left alone!


  14. Heart rendering...... ♥ it

  15. This is beautiful Purba, like Debi I also like the 'chained' and 'unchained' part. There's an air of freedom in the end where there's also dawn, the birth of light. A gorgeous poem.

  16. What a touching poem it is ! It reminded me of an old Hindi movie song (from the movie - Nikaah)- 'अबके हम बिछड़े तो शायद कभी ख़्वाबों में मिलें, जिस तरह सूखे हुए फूल किताबों में मिलें'। And yes, the heart listens to no one, it hums its own song.

  17. I like the sweet melancholy of this. And thank you for the book now added to my e-library! What a kind gesture.

  18. Luv the step into reality with the new day

    A Happy St Valentine's Day to you

    much love...

  19. Very beautifully penned dear... and I loved the book's cover :)

  20. I have read your collection of love poems. You have captured different emotions of love. Awesome, Purba. :)

  21. '..left half coloured midway'.. heart wrenching..may be because of some painful associations with this perhaps!

  22. ever petal has a story of its own... achingly beautiful!


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