Wednesday, 22 February 2017

That Particular Song

I find music very much related to nostalgia. I have experienced it several times. You are having a regular day, busy with your work. Suddenly, a song plays on the radio and that takes you back to a different time, in a different place in the blinking of eyes. For the next 5 minutes, you are not in this world. And when the song ends, you realize the tremendous emotional impact it just had on you. 

"Nostalgia is a seductive liar."~ George Ball

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Celebration of literature at the Kolkata Literary Meet

That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longing, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”~F.Scott.Fitzgerald

Being a bibliophile and an ardent literature lover, I wait for the #TataSteelKalam Kolkata Literary Meet every year to listen to my favorite authors, discover new books and attend interesting sessions. This year, the Kolkata Literary Meet was a 5 day literary festival from 25th January to 29th January at the Victoria Memorial Hall. The festival was inaugurated by acclaimed novelist, Anita Desai.

The literary sessions were hosted at the two venues of Victoria Memorial Hall – Son-et-Lumiere and Western Quadrangle. Some of the sessions of Tata Steel Kalam also took place at the Calcutta Club. Over 130 celebrated authors, filmmakers and thinkers from various countries assembled at the literary festival to share their thoughts and views.

I went to the Kolkata Literary Meet three days and attended some enriching sessions. On January 26th, I was fortunate to attend one of my favorite authors, Ruskin Bond’s session “Thrills and Spills” where Ruskin Bond discussed why hills are the perfect setting for murders and mystery. It was a great experience when Ruskin Bond read one of the stories from his latest book “Death under the deodars”. 

It was an amazing session, especially when the audience was given the chance to ask him questions. I asked him about one of his short stories, “The Night train at Deoli” and was overjoyed when he answered me. After his session, the audience was told that Ruskin Bond would be signing books at the author’s lounge. Finally, I got the opportunity to have a signed copy and meet my favorite author personally.

On January 27th, I attended the session “Acts of Faith” where Javed Akhtar, Tabish Khair, Mudar Patherya and Shazia Omar discussed about the challenges of Islamophobia, stereotypes and radicalization. It was a very enriching session and I especially loved hearing Javed Akhtar whose views were refined and powerful. 

Then, I attended the next session “Pink and the power of No” where  Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Andrea Tariang and Ritesh Shah spoke about the importance of the movie “Pink”. They were in conversation with author, Kunal Basu. It was a very engaging session where the audience asked plenty of questions to the director about the movie and the change it brought in the mindset of people.

I also went to the festival on the final day, 29th January. I attended the Children’s Literary Meet Special with Indian sports’ golden boy, Abhinav Bindra and Joybeer Dutta Gupta. The Olympic gold medalist in shooting talked about his journey, his failures and success. It was very motivating when he spoke about the importance of dreams in the life of every person. He said that hard work and persistence are the only way to success. When someone from the audience asked him about the role of his parents, he said that his parents supported and encouraged him whenever he had failures and felt like giving up.

I enjoyed the session “Make up your mind” where Nandana Sen and Nabaneeta Dev Sen read poetry from their latest book “Make up your mind”. The award winning poet, Nabaneeta Dev Sen spoke about Nandana’s translations of her poetry. It was a sheer treat to see the mother and daughter bond on poetry. Overall, I had a great time at the #TataSteelKalam Kolkata Literary Festival. At the end of the festival, my literary appetite is well satiated with new books to read.

It is wonderful to see that Tata recognizes the role of literature and is contributing so much to secure the literature culture in Kolkata. The Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet brings the literary stalwarts from all corners of the world. It gives people a forum to speak their mind and interact with the authors. It encourages the lovers of literature to explore the world of ideas and words without any hesitation. The people of Kolkata look forward to the Kolkata Literary Meet every winter as it gives them the chance to rediscover or rather “readiscover” books.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Dried Rose

The dried, dark rose
Concealed within the pages of my diary
Whispers countless words
On a full moon night
When the heart is soaked in love
And chained by memories. 

Those are the words 
That were left unsaid
Like an unsolved puzzle,
An incomplete play,
Or a beautiful portrait
Left half-colored midway.
You perhaps wanted me to solve it,
But I was no master at the craft
I was too naive for mind games.

Dawn arrives with a new hope
The neglected, dried rose
Sigh at an incomplete story;
I quietly close the diary
Unchain my heart from the memories
And get back to reality.

-Purba Chakraborty

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

One crazy, adventurous Trip with your BFFs

Best friends. Adventures. Travelling. Laughter. Heart to heart conversations. 
And you get memories of a lifetime.

Out of the several unticked things in my never-ending bucket list, a crazy, adventurous trip with my best friend before getting married tops the list. My best friend, Priyam and I have been discussing it for the last two years, but unfortunately, it didn't happen yet. Work deadlines, family and other issues keep popping whenever we make a plan. And it gets postponed. 

Last weekend, I came across the popular web series called "The Trip" in YouTube. It is a super fun, coming of age story of four girls who go on a road trip from Delhi to Thailand. As one of the girls in their group, Ananya is about to tie the knot, the girls plan a crazy bachelorette road trip. Ever since I watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, I have always yearned to see something like "The Trip" in which a group of girl best friends embark on a journey.

It is a fun, adventurous and emotional roller coaster ride. I watched the eight episodes back to back uploaded so far in the last weekend and have become addicted to this web series. I can't wait for Episode 9 which will be uploaded on Thursday. 

The best thing was that I found both me and my close friends in these four girls- Shonali, the free-spirited musician (played by Lisa Haydon), Nazia, the firecracker, absolutely bindaas and aspiring journalist (played by Mallika Dua), Ananya, the sweet and adorable bride-to-be (played by Shweta Tripathi) and Sanjana, the introvert yogi with a rule-book (played by Sapna Pabbi). The four characters are extremely relatable. Check out the trailer. I am sure every girl will love it. 

I am enjoying the web series so much that I compelled my closest friends, Priyam and Triyas to watch it. The actual idea is to influence them so that they agree to go on a trip this year, come what may. Because this phase of our life won't come back once we are married.

Therefore, an adventurous trip with my bestie or BFFs means a lot to me. It is the most important thing on my bucket list and I wish to tick it off, finally this year. 

I have traveled with my friends in college excursion. I have traveled solo. I have traveled with family. But I am sure nothing can be better than traveling with your BFFs and making countless memories that you can cherish throughout your life. 

Have you ever gone for an adventurous trip with your BFFs? How was the experience? I would love to know. 
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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Guest author in The Love for Colors, releasing on Valentine's

Since 2014, there is a similar pattern in my life during Valentine's day. Are you wondering what? Well, it is a book release, which I enjoy the most being an author. Whether an anthology or my solo book, Valentine's Day is the time of a new release. Last year, my collection of poems, The Heart Listens to No One was released on Valentine's Day and this year, the anthology Shades of Life 2: The Love for Colors is releasing. 

I was a part of Shades of Life that released last year, Holi. My short story Silent Offering is a part of the book. One day, when Sarav, the editor of the book invited me to be the guest author of The Love for colors, I was exhilarated. I asked him on which color I should write and he told me to write a poem blending the theme of colors and love. 

I associated each color of the rainbow with a girl's memories of a true love affair that is beyond physical separation. That is how my poem Epoch of our love was born which is now a part of Shades of Life 2 ~ the love for colors.  

I feel proud to be a part of this book because it is a very unique anthology. The authors have chosen a particular color and penned a story/poem that symbolizes the color. When the contest for this book was going on, the Shades of life Team uploaded a color chart so that the authors can work on their poem/story keeping in mind what the particular color symbolizes. 

I started reading the book yesterday and I am really enjoying the different flavors of the colors. I already read the poems and stories under the section Black and Grey. I am sure you will also enjoy exploring the various colors in the form of intriguing stories and soulful poems. 

Right now with the book and certificate in my hand, I feel extremely happy to be the guest author of this beautiful book which will release around Feb 14 this year. I will await your feedback on the book and review on my poem. Order your copy from the link below or gift it to your Valentine, if he/she loves reading.

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