Tuesday 10 January 2017

Kayaking becomes better with Madras Fun Tools

Kayaking is a water activity that is usually enjoyed by people when they are on a holiday. Some people also pursue kayaking as a hobby. It is a great water sport that can increase your flexibility, fitness and body strength. Kayak boats are used in kayaking to move gently across the water. The kayakers need to sit in the boat and paddle. Kayaking India can be done in lakes, rivers and seas.

The destination to buy kayaks

Kayaks are available in various designs. Some kayaks are suitable for racing and rough conditions, whereas some others are specifically designed for beginners. Madras Fun Tools is the only equipment store in India where you can find a large variety of kayaks. It is an eCommerce company that is dedicated to kayaking and stand-up paddling. 

Madras Fun Tools

You will find high quality stand-up paddle boards (SUP), recreational & whitewater kayaks and other various paddling equipment in Madras Fun Tools. Three dedicated kayakers have founded this company because of their love for the water sport. They want to see kayaking grow in India. You can find whitewater kayaking equipment of the highest quality. It is the ideal place to buy kayaks India

Benefits of kayaking

Kayaking is a great water sport for various reasons:

·        Kayaking for beginners doesn’t require a lot of training. You don’t need to take surfing and swimming lessons for it. You just need to know how to enter the kayak and exit it safely.

·        Kayaking is an easy sport. It is an activity that doesn’t require too much effort and can be done in a relaxed position. It can be enjoyed by everyone, including aged people and people suffering from heart ailments.

·        Kayaking is not scary unlike canoeing because all kayaks have a closed deck. Therefore, it is totally safe. Even if you are scared of water, you can try kayaking for fun.

·        Kayaking lets you bask in the beauty of nature. It is a relaxing activity where you can enjoy the nature. As you paddle through the water, your hands, legs and cardiac area also get enough exercise.

·        Kayaking is great for shedding excess weight. You will be able to burn calories as you paddle through the river or sea. The relaxing water, the soothing breeze and the beautiful sea will distract you from getting bored. It is a great form of exercise that will help you to stay in shape. 

You can buy SUP in India along with recreational kayaks from Madras Fun Tools. Kayaking becomes better and easier with Madras Fun Tools.

It is a great activity especially for people who love adventure. Have you ever tried Kayaking?


  1. Never did kayaking bu have heard a lot about it from friends. Sounds really like a great adventure sport. Thanks for the relevant info, Purba... :-)

  2. Not done kayaking yet. Looks like a decent kayaking equipment dealer. Thanks for the info on this.

  3. An informative post on an obviously interesting sport.Thanks for sharing Purba.

  4. Interesting read. I always thought there is more than one company selling stuffs for kayaking. Its an expensive sport :)

  5. A motivating post Purba! Just that in Bangalore I have not heard about kayaking options.. but after this Madras tools post, have to google now! :)

  6. Glad to see such awesome clicks and you having fun, makes me want to take up Kayaking as well. I remember doing it as a group effort, but I'm scared of going alone. Although, I do want to try it. Thanks for the motivation.

    xoxo- C
    Style.. A Pastiche! -

  7. I don't go that often and when I do, I prefer hiring what I need. However, if I do take this sport up seriously, I know where to go now.

  8. Honestly, I have never done kayaking in my life but heard a lot about it from my friends... quite an exciting adventure sport it is. Thanks for sharing dear :)

  9. Kayaking .. In between Manali and Kasol,, Kayaking spots are there.

    Tried it in 2012.

    It was decided impromptu.

    I recommend it to all adrenaline junkies.

  10. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  11. Kayaking is an interesting adventure game. Really exciting ! Thank you so much for the writing

  12. That's lovely, now we have another great kayaking option...


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