Friday 20 January 2017

Epilation: 10 moments you won’t have to miss if you’re smooth

It is extremely frustrating when you have to cancel your plans just because you are not at your smoothest. What else do you do when you suddenly get an invite from your friends for a fun party or your crush asks you out for a date? Girl, you are not alone. All of us hate those-in-between days when we can’t wear that pretty dress or have to say no to that exciting party just because we are not at our smoothest. However, there is a solution called Braun Epilators that will not let you miss out anything.

Why Epilation?

Epilation is way better than waxing because it provides long lasting smoothness. Since epilation is the process of removal of hair from the roots, it is more efficient than waxing. Moreover, it is gentle and ideal for sensitive skin. Braun Epilators can be used by all women, irrespective of their skin tone, hair color and tan.  So, let’s take a look at the 10 moments that you won’t have to miss because of Braun Epilators:

      1.       Pool Parties

New bikini? Check. New shades? Check. Smooth skin? Check. Now we’re ready to dive right in.

2.      Wearing that new dress

We are talking about the dress that you’ve always wanted to wear, but have always hesitated because you were not super smooth. Braun Epilators can remove hairs as small as a grain of sand. Therefore, no worries now! Get that new dress on and cause a sensation.

3. Uninhibited dancing

When you have smooth skin, you don’t have to hesitate when your favorite music plays. You can dance without any inhibitions, throwing your arms in the air. 

4. Going to the park

On hot summer days, you can wear your favorite shorts and go to the park when you have great, smooth skin. 

5.     Roller coaster pictures

If you love roller coaster rides, there is nothing more exhilarating than flinging your arms in the air with gay abandon and shouting “wheeeeeeeee” from the top of the roller-coaster. You will get great roller coaster pictures when you have super smooth arms and pits.

6.   Leg Day at the gym

It is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your smooth legs to your crush in the gym. Braun Epilators catch hairs 4X shorter than waxing, so you’ll never get caught out!

7.   Rocking your favorite short sleeved tee

If you have silky smooth skin, you can rock your favorite short-sleeved tee on a casual day out with your friends. 

8.   Legfies

Are you sitting under the sun on a beautiful beach with smooth legs? Then take a legfie and post on Instagram. 

9.  Last minute invitation to the beach

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your crush has finally asked you to the beach. But hold on, how can you rock your cutoffs without smooth skin?

10. Last minute ticket to a gig

Your favorite band is in town and you have finally managed to get the tickets. Now, how to look stunning? Wear your favorite mini skirt or short dress! And rock the look with super smooth legs. 

You can absolutely trust Braun Epilators for immediate results. For more information on the Braun Beauty portfolio, please visit

About Braun

Braun, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble founded in Germany in 1921, develops and manufactures a wide variety of small domestic appliances that marry technical innovation, reliable quality and distinctive design. These range from electric shavers and beauty products to hair care appliances. Braun products enjoy worldwide distribution.


  1. I have heard much about this gadget but the fear of epilation doesn't allow me to go near one :)

  2. It must be fun to be young :D

  3. I use braun epilators and they are amazing :)

  4. Due to my genetic hair growth, I have been using the Braun face epilator for quite some time and really satisfied with the results so I can definitely count on the brand. A very informative post dear.. thanks for sharing!

  5. Haven't tried them ever but maybe I should!


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