Friday 9 December 2016

Watching sunset from my window seat

Window seats have always been my favorite since childhood. Whenever I travel, I make sure to grab the window seat. Whether I am travelling in car, bus, train or taking a flight, I cannot give away my window seat to anyone. I remember so many innocuous fights with my cousins and friends just for the window seat.

Window seats give me wings to dream without any inhibitions and my imagination takes a flight. I feel liberated looking at the outside world from the window of a bus or a train. 

Also, the sheer pleasure of watching the changing landscapes thrills me. It makes me realize that there is beauty in change and uncertainty. I get totally drawn in and start weaving so many stories in my mind. Watching the quaint, little villages, the lush greenery, unknown people going on with their chores make me philosophical and teach me to live in the moment.

On my last trip, while I was returning home in an AC bus, I witnessed a beautiful sunset. Since it was an AC bus and there was a thick glass between me and the outside world, the pictures became a little hazy. 

As I spotted the setting sun from my window seat, I was overjoyed. I savored its beauty and then started clicking pictures from my phone. The guy who was sitting beside me was extremely curious to see if I could successfully click even one picture in the moving bus.

I have a travel playlist that I update every time I embark on a journey. While I was watching the sunset, the Journey Song of Piku was playing on my ear phones which made me beam with delight. 

Within a few minutes, dusk had set in. The sun magically disappeared behind the far away trees and I sighed. The most beautiful moments last only for a while, but if we are a positive seeker, we can find them again, perhaps in a different form in a slightly different setting. 

That's the beauty of window seats. They make you appreciate the world and also turn you into a little philosopher. 

Do you also have a soft corner for window seats when you travel?

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  1. Yes...window seats are my favorite. Bus journeys are awesome if you are sitting in the window seats. Love the pictures.

    1. Great to know that.
      Yes, I feel so sad if I don't get a window seat. Thank you :)

  2. Beautiful moment framed, good to know your thoughts behind it.

  3. In spite of the windowpane the pictures have turned out to be nice!
    (A window seat is my obsession too:))

  4. Love the pic. Haziness adds a dreamy mood to it. Window seats are my favorite too. :)

  5. I too love window seats. Even today I occupy window seats.

  6. You know, I fight with Saru for these window seats, every time! Finally we decided to use it one way each 😊

    Your experience shows how the journey can be blissful!

  7. Yes window seats are liked by many, including me!

  8. Sunsets are always mesmerizing. All I can feel is, bidding farewell couldn't be ever more beautiful :) Sitting on a window seats in trains (love it) and seeing the landscape pass by while I think of nothing in particular ll always be my favorite. Cheers.

  9. Window seats are my favorite too, watching the world slip by right in front of your eyes is some delight for sure. Loved your sunset shots, dear Purba and the thoughts to go along with them resonate so much with mine. Wonderful read as always :)

  10. Window seats are everyone's favourite! Felt like I watched the sunset along with you :)

    Nischita |

  11. I sulk and sulk if I do not get the window seat, even my nephews who are much younger to me know this and offer me the window seat! But not my daughter or niece :D

  12. I love the window seat be it in trains, buses or planes that I never trade with anyone else. I would've die without them:) It sets my creative juice in motion watching nature and its people.

  13. Me too me too! Its like a reward. Isn't it? Window seats are bliss. The one who was sitting behind you should see these pics. He would wonder and will try for himself next time :)

  14. I too love window seats especially in air-crafts! A very nicely written post dear! :)

  15. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  16. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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