Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Gone With the Wind

The season of beauty 
Has gone with the wind
Leaving behind frosty thorns
Dried, dark petals
That shows no hope.
Promises and memories
Are two sisters at war
Pitted against each other
Within a blink of eyes,
Promises perish in the storm of life,
No attachment or blind ties
And look at memories
They don't leave in hurricanes and earthquakes
Even when your existence is at risk
They can never be gone with the wind.

-Purba Chakraborty

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  1. So thoughtful, sometimes I wish bad memories don't come back...why can't they vanish with the hurricanes we experience in the US!

  2. "Promises and memories
    Are two sisters at war"... this took my breath away. Loved this poem.

  3. It's so beautifully written, that's how it is the pain might settle in rrhe deepest corner but memories never fade away

  4. That's how it is. With those memories we live and for everything else we are phantoms. Unconnected. Unconcerned. That's what memories live for. To resist all winds. The line 'promises perish.....' is power of words in its most subtle form.

    Mighty powerful poem, sung in the gentlest tune.

  5. Aah ! This touching poem is a reality indeed. It has reminded me of a dialog from the Hindi movie Daddy (1991) - 'ZINDAGI YAADON KE SIVAAY AUR HAI HI KYA ?' This poem as well as the poetically expressed thought of yours is invaluable.

  6. This is such a beautifully written poem, Purba! Agree that everything fades away but it's only the memories which remain there with us forever.

  7. Frosty thorns..aah yes, indeed!
    Incredibly beeeautiiiful, Purba:)

  8. Loved the contrast play buddy which is fantastically weaved in words. You are such a magician.

  9. Profound one, Purba. The memories indeed never cease to exist!

  10. Promises and memories. The words weaved in such a passionate manner and power to your imagination.

  11. Another awesome one from you purba. Great work

  12. So beautiful and soul touching as always dear... Truly, memories last for a lifetime, sometimes we invite them in while sometimes we wish they were gone with the wind.

  13. Memories stay forever... brilliant poem Purba.

  14. Beautifully penned.. reminds me of pure romance :)


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